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    looking for IEC 62056 document

    iec 62056 Hello all, I'm looking for IEC 62056.21 document for remote metering solutions. Anyone has this document ? Also, if anyone can point me to the source code for implementing on PIC microcontroller will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for LSI C samples for Casio Pocket Viewer

    Hello all, I'm looking for sample codes for Casio Pocket Viewer PV-S600 for using on the SDK supplied with it. Can anyone also point me to some activeX control which i can use in VB or VC++ ??? for developing applications on the PV-S600. Thanks in advance.
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    NIKON MH-50, MH-52 Battery Charger

    nikon mh-50 Hello, Looking for Nikon MH50 and MH52 battery charger service manuals. Anyone have them? Service manuals of any other lithium Ion battery chargers will also do. Thanks in advance.
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    Digital Weighing Machine

    Re: Digital Weighing Machine - Help Please. I already got the circuit for the A/D based on ICL7135 and it is pretty stable and it has a serial data out using the BUSY and CLK pins. Now I'm looking for micon code for the AT89C52.
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    Digital Weighing Machine

    Hello all, I need help in making a digital weighing machine. I opened a couple of them and they are all based on Atmel 89C52 micon. Can someone help me in making one ? Thanks in advance.
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    Digital weighing machine based on TLC7135/ICL7135

    Digital weighing machine Hello all, I am in need of design/code for digital weighing machine based on TLC7135/ICL7135 A/D converter and Atmel AT89C52 micon. Has anyone worked on similar project before? Any links, tips, etc will be appreciated
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    Looking for PIC16F877 Serial routine in ASM

    pic16f877 serial asm Hi all, Looking for serial routines in ASM for PIC16F877 using the onboard USART of the chip supporting upto 33600 bps. Thanks in advance.
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    Jamming a LAN network

    Merry Christmas to all. I want to disrupt a LAN network. I plan to use the output transformer of a ethernet card connected to a circuit generating square wave matching the 10Mbps frequency. I want to know the exact timings of the data pulses on LAN networks. Can anyone guide me on this topic...

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