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    OFDM transceiver with rayleigh channel using Standard PDP in matlab

    I have built an OFDM transceiver with rayleigh channel using standard PDP's Like EPA,EVA and ETU.The problem is I am getting very high BER even for BPSK i.e 50-60 % or higher bits in error.Scatterplotting confirms it.My OFDM transceiver blocks include: ---- Random Data --...
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    Free Tutorials from IEEE Communications Society

    Great post and expecting to share such information in future as well
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    vector or matrix in matlab

    If u want indexing based approach for your problem step = 5; y=[sum(x(1,1:step)) sum(x(1,step+1:2*step)) ...... ] or you could use loop also but Pulkit command is concise and elegant.
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    Periodic placement of Pilot sequences in clusters

    Respected All, I need to design pilot based channel estimation which require optimal pilot placement.There are various schemes presented in literature but I am preferring Periodic Placement of Pilot sequence in clusters instead of sending all the pilots in a block.The problem I am facing is...
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    uniformly distributed random number from 0 to 2*pi in MATLAB

    I want a function that take an argument(as limits like 0 to 2pi) .....If there is any option to change rand to overwrite values from 0 t0 1 as 0 to 2pi.....some thing like rand(1,10,0,2*pi) % to generate 1x10 row vector all values from 0 t0 2pi instead 0 t0 1.... - - - Updated - - - I want a...
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    uniformly distributed random number from 0 to 2*pi in MATLAB

    Rand generates uniformly distributed random values between [0 to 1], but I need values from [0 to 2*pi].Is there any method to explicitly force rand to generate values from above desired range instead of default [0 to 1]?.I had tried Angle = (2*pi) * rand(1,10) but not convinced.Any other...

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