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  1. amit.dounde

    algorithm to find the level of an element in a design.

    level of a design anybody has an algorithm to find the level of an element in a design. thanks Amit
  2. amit.dounde

    timing analysis - request for resources

    timing analysis hi any one knows a good book where i can learn how to do timing analysis. i have rabaey text..but i feel it is not sufficient. any book concentrating more on timing analysis would be helpful. thanks
  3. amit.dounde

    floting point unit -functions to be supported

    floting point unit Hi I am trying to design a 32 bit FPU. I just want to know the number of functions that a FPU should support and also the functions.
  4. amit.dounde

    pll for ddr3 apps- how to decide the reference frequency?

    question on pll i am implementing a pll for ddr3 apps. the vco freq range is 100-800Mhz. how do i decide the reference frequency?
  5. amit.dounde

    information needed on standard books on LVDS

    information needed anyone knows any standard book on LVDS.
  6. amit.dounde

    need to select topic for PG degree - LVDS, PLL or ADC?

    help me pls i need to select a topic for my PG degree. we have to give the topics by next week. i have shortlisted a few. 1. on LVDS(low voltage differential signalling) 2. PLL 3. time stretch ADC i am not sure whether these projects can be completed in one year. also not sure of which ieee...
  7. amit.dounde

    cadence and the tme-stretch analog-to-digital converter

    question regarding ADC can a Time-stretch analog-to-digital converter(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_stretch_analog-to-digital_converter) be simulted in cadence.
  8. amit.dounde

    need good source for LVDS material and project

    information needed anyone knows any good source for LVDS material and project
  9. amit.dounde

    suggestions concerning good one year project on switch caps

    help needed can anyone suggest a good one year project on switch caps
  10. amit.dounde

    ieee paper request- Low power CMOS fully differential...

    ieee paper request Low power CMOS fully differential variable-gain amplifier Spiridon, S.; Opapos;t Eynde, F. Semiconductor Conference, 2005. CAS 2005 Proceedings. 2005 International Volume 2, Issue , 5-5 Oct. 2005 Page(s):383 - 386 vol. 2 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/SMICND.2005.1558806
  11. amit.dounde

    paper request - A CMOS fully integrated 1 GHz and 2 GHz ...

    another paper request A CMOS fully integrated 1 GHz and 2 GHz dual band VCO with a voltage controlled inductor Tiebout, M. Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2002. ESSCIRC 2002. Proceedings of the 28th European Volume , Issue , 24-26 Sept. 2002 Page(s): 799 - 802 Digital Object Identifier

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