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    parallel port programming software for freescale mcus?

    I dont have a RS232 port in any of laptops I own.
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    parallel port programming software for freescale mcus?

    Hi Has anyone made a simple parallel port programmer for freescale 8bit mcu? Thanks Mayank
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    Does anybody know a digital tachometer using 8051 ??

    car digital tachometer 8051 Dont know of one but it should be very simple to build. Assuming u want to build one for lets say a car, here is what u do: 1. Wind a coil around the wire that connects to the spark plug. This coils will generate small current every time spark is fired in the...
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    Battery powered AT89S52 device...is it feasible??

    Try using a DC-DC up converter. There are plenty in the market. You can get free samples from MAXIM-IC. But you will need SMD soldering skills to use most of these chips. They can boost the supply voltage as low as .7 volts (1 NiMH) to 5Volts fixed voltage at 100mA+ at >80% efficiency. You...

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