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    Battery pack qty/chemistry autodetection - how to do this ?

    How to autodetect battery pack (cells) and chemistry in a charger ? Anybody knows some algorithms for this ? Thanks a lot.
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    Hitec ranger II schematic or pcb-image

    Please help, I need schematic of this RC radio or just pcb-image (photo - good res), Thanks
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    ICD2 USB clone - how to get it to work with 3.3V PIC24s ???

    icd2 3.3v Hi, I've got simple question - how to programm 3.3V PIC24/dsPIC33F with "our" ICD2 USB clone ? I'd add that when I downloaded PIC24 firmware into ICD2 it didn't pass the self test. I t seems that there is a possibility of getting it work with new chips. Maybe simple header with some...
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    I2C module of dsPIC - strange behavior...

    dspic i2c Hi, I've tried to use I2C module of dsPIC 30F6014A. I've used pic30 library <i2c.h> to perform I2C communication with 24AA1025 1Mbit serial eeprom from M*crochip. I've spent many hours debugging, because it didn't work as it is suggested in datasheet and examples. The initialization...
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    +10dBm RF module 433MHz open-area range...

    10dbm distance Hi, Can anybody tell me the reliable function range of such combination of TX/RX: TX: +10dBm RF module in ASK/FSK mode on 433MHz RX: -105dBm sensitivity RF receiver I mean the open-area range. The TX and RX are hybrid modules from Telecontrolla. Anybody knows about other...

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