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    IGBT H-bridge 2110, microntroller does't respond on High voltage input

    hi, we are going to make a 2 stages sine wave inverter using IGBT H-Bridge on DC-AC stage, when we apply 12V DC power source on H-bridge the circuit works okey, but when we provides high voltage DC from DC-DC stage, which is about about 350volts at input the microntroller(PIC18f26k22) does't...
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    Multiple files MP3 decoder

    Hi, I want to make a multi channel MP3 player, This means i need to play at-least 4 different files from single source(SD card etc) in real time, please advise me weather i use micro-controller+vs1011e variant chips or implement a software in raspberry pi, FPGA PIC32 etc
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    [General] USB to RS232 CH340 communication problem

    I am using USB to RS232 (CH340) cable to communicate with micro-controller I tried both 89s51 and PIC 16f628A both controller working well when using in Proteus simulation but when i try i in hardware I receive unknow charactors , I am using asynchronous communication , can any body help how...
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    SSR design,reducing switching time using voltage and current zero cross detecting

    I am making a solid state relay using mox3040 zero cross detection and BTA12-600 Triac, The purpose of this Project is to switch the power source on failure in minimum possible time, For failure detection, I am using ADC of 18f452, by sampling whether the power is fail or not , In general we...
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    Wireless communication using DTMF and RS232 protocol

    Due to high price of Wirless modules I am going to design a cheap solution that is to convert rs232 signals to dtmf tones and send it over air and in reverse process retrieve it back, i have no idea how to send digital signals over air using easy to find components, I need help me on it...
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    uC programmed but does not works

    I am trying to implement a simple blinking circuit on bread board to checking purpose I try for both atmel 89s52 and PIC18F452 for testing I program 89s52 on Mickro C and Keil, and PIC18F452 on Micro C and CSS C as well I use old computer power supply to power them, I am using Genius G540 to...
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    8x8 keypad code needed and library customization

    -i need a code for 8x8 keypad for a mikroC compiler. . . as built in library function is limited for 4x4 keypad, - is any way to edit library function or make a new one?
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    PCB printout scalling problem

    actually i am going to make pickit2's PCB, i try several times to printout, but their is always a problem with scaling, that, pcb print is always little bit smaller then the orignal one, that i can not place a IC in it, as their is many schematic diagrams are available i try 2 of them, but the...
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    can any one recognized that. . .

    can any one recognized that measuring instrument shown in the link below https://www.auelectronics.com/Q5.htm
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    Pickit2 problem "USB does not recognize"

    I have recently made a Pickit2 clone programmer on bread borad from the following link Microchip PICKIT 2 Clone - Schematic+PCB (PROTEUS) - Sonsivri I program the uC from Pickit2 from some institute, when i attectched the programmer to USB some time it says "USB does not recognize" and...
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    Need suggestion to chosing uC

    I wanna Need your help to chose an uC for the such a abilities because i dont want to use an extra chip, but and audio amp. keypad LCD 2x16 (not recommanded) SD-card (or any memory card to save voice files) Audio o/p using PWM or DAC , should be integrated in uC should be from atmel AVR or...
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    LCD scrolling text problem + Blinking Character help

    I am using mikroC for PIC v5.30 and Proteus 7.6 SP4, the problem is that, when the text move to right it became vanish, but on left side its ok! The second problem is that i made a blinking heart charctor, which is using FOR loop, and i is not exiting from that, i mean not actually exiting...
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    Make a keyboard for PC using PS2 port

    hi, I need some help to make a keyboard for my PC (PS-2 port) using any of PIC or ATMEL micro controller, is any body have any schematic diagram for this circuit... Thanks in advance

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