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  1. marsgod

    Dont set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL with latest $ynopsys

    if you set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.4 in your env, this will cause the latest DC crash when you try to compile big design. And also will cause Psyn crash when you try to use multiply processor to acclerate your speed. Just remove the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL from your env, it will be ok. good luck
  2. marsgod

    Looking for the lastest $ynplify A$IC for linux

    Hi, does anyone get the lastest $ynplify A$IC for linux? I need it to complete my Linux EDA design follow... because the DC for Linux is too slow......:( Thanks.
  3. marsgod

    Astro design question

    astro lef2a hi, I used Astro for linux , and tried a demo IC design . I have a foudry lib in lef format and the tech file. For Astro work with it's own lib format, I have to generate a apollo lib with the provided tool: lef2A 1. I used Astro create a library with the fondry's tech file...
  4. marsgod

    Any floorplan tool under Linux?

    I heard Cadence First Encounter has a linux version, but I can't get it..:( Any good floorplan tool under Linux ? Can anyone share such a tool? thanks. marsgod

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