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    How to write a C program to make blinking LED with 1 sec delay?

    Re: Blinking LED what you mean by 1 second delay, the delay between on and off state??
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    atmega32 assembly but in your code you are not using U2X bit. so you need to look on the U2X = 0 column of the table.
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    atmega32 avr studio cause if you read well the table on pg 165 of the datasheet it says that @UBRR 12 baudrate is 4800 @ 1MHz
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    Help me in atmega32 (source code in C using AVR studio 4)

    Re: Help me in atmega32 (source code in C using AVR studio 4 i think he wants to convert his asm programs to C ?
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    Help me in atmega32 (source code in C using AVR studio 4)

    avr bibin john code yes i think its in the new version of avr studio 4. check the link: https://www.avrfreaks.net/index.php?module=FreaksTools&func=viewItem&item_id=258
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    Help me in atmega32 (source code in C using AVR studio 4)

    source code in c atmega32 if i'm not mistaken AVR studio already support winavr all you need to do is install winavr. im not sure though
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    atmega32 example code now in the simulation (ISIS) set the atmega clock frequency to 1Mhz and set the virtual terminal baudrate to 4800 this should work.
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    Help me in atmega32 (source code in C using AVR studio 4)

    help in atmega32 assembly source code so what's the real problem if you know C language ?
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    atmega32 sample your UBRR register is set incorrectly. check on the datasheet of the atmega32 pg165, i also tried to simulate it on proeus it worked fine. in that table found in page 165 you have the UBRR value for certain baudrates @ Fosc 1Mhz.
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    How to drive turn on this DC motor using PIC16F877A??

    turn on pic16f877a you need a driver which drives the motor.
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    Help me in atmega32 (source code in C using AVR studio 4)

    avr studio atmega32 codes do you know c language ?
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    Database projects suggestions

    what are you trying to do exactly? where is the microcontroller taking part in this project?
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    Stepper Motor Interfacing

    what type of stepper are you using? you cannot connect a stepper directly to the micro since output current from ports is to small. you nee a driver. such as l297 etc
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    How to do multi tasking on AVR ?

    multitasking avr yep thats a nice rtos it has also examples and explanation of api's etc. good site and rtos
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    sample atmega programs villuribhanu what frequency are you using (Fosc) ?
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    atmega32 uart example can you post the code? and the dsn of proteus. and y don't u try it in real life instead of simulating ?
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    Help Needed On AT89C51 and Keil

    find some ebooks about 8051 architecture before starting projects :D
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    ATMEGA32 Sample progrms

    atmega32 uart regarding uart etc did you had a look at atmega32 datasheet Bhanu ? there is many use full information in it even some sample codes.
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    Drive Multiple Stepper Motors through PC

    do you have the required hardware for controlling the stepper without a pc ?
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    How to assign logic 1 to PORTB of PIC16F877A??

    @bold: it's true that it is already 5V but restricted in current, you need a transistor as someone mentioned before or use a dedicated ic like L298 etc.

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