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    PCAD PDIF file to allegropcb conversion.

    Hai all I want to translate PCAD file to Allegro. When using the PSD 14.2 translator there is the need to map PDIF layers to allegro subclasses. where can I find PDIF layers and corresponding allegro subclasses mapping details or document. rishab
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    Whats the use of Allegro Skill language?

    allegro skill what is the use of allegro skill language. Then what are these skripts in allegro. Can some some one explain please.... rishab
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    Please rate the following tools

    expedition and allegro Hai I wan to rate this tools. and how you say one isa higher end tool ORCAD, PROTEL,PCAD2002, ALLEGRO, BOARDSTATION & CADSTAR RISHAB
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    how to use PCAD pcb file as library file

    hai all i want to get the land patterns used in pcad pcb files to a single library. Is there any way to convert the pcb file to a library file.(IN orcad yu can give a *.max file as a libray file and can place from the max file) i am looking for such a way. rishab
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    free bmp to dxf converter need.

    bmp2dxf.zip hai I need to convert bmp to dxf. But all Cad converters are not allow me to save the full dxf. Could any one tell me about any goog free tools that converts bmp to dxf. I searched forum and got traceart etc.. but theyonly offer demo only rishab
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    qulifications of a designer

    hai All what are qulifications required for a good PCB designer in todays& future market? rishab
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    How to extract aperture file from a RS27D gerber?.

    HAI How can we extract aperture file from a RS27D gerber?. when I load RS274D type files in Gerbtool it asks the aperture file.If I loaded the gerber without the aperture file I can't get sufficient details from the gerber like pad size,trackwidth etc. So let me please inform a way to sort...
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    IPC-782 land pattern calculator

    ipc 782 Hai Is there any program to calculate the land pattern size(foot print) as per IPC-782 standard? IPC.org has a online calculator.But I am looking for indepentant one. rishab

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