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    Why two types of input impedance in laboratory instruments?

    Hi, in some laboratory instruments (i.e. Network analyzers) the provide two kind of input impedances : 50Ohm and 1MOhm // 20pF. I understand the 50 Ohm , is the standard for maximum power transfer but why the 1MOhm parallel with 20pf? Where is this needed and how it is exactly implemented...
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    Interfacing microcontroller to 1GBPS laser driver

    Dear all, I want to interface a microcontroller with the MAX3798 laser transceiver ic. The problems are: 1. The MAX3798 has CML (current mode logic) for transmit and receive data but the microcontroller uses 3.3V or 5V voltage logic. 2. The minimum data rate of MAX3798 is 1GBPS but the...
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    Laser diode and photodiode circuit

    Hi all, I want to control the Bias and Modulation current of a laser diode using a microcontroller, a DAC and discrete components (including operational amplifiers). Current range 3mA to 25mA with 0.1mA step. Current pulses: rise time few nanoseconds, 10% max overshoot I have found this...
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    Linear power supply series transitor

    Hi, In linear power supplies there is a transistor (usually darlington) that is current-controlled depending on the output voltage. The problem is I cant seem to find the Vout - current-to-darlington-base equation. Do I operate it in the linear region? When Vout < Vout_desired do I saturate...
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    Lab power supply earth output function?

    Hi, What's the use of the earth output in laboratory power supplies? There is already a ground output.
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    Commercial power supply design

    Hi, I was wondering if there are standard design for commercial programmable power supplies such as these: https://www.keysight.com/en/pc-1000003110%3Aepsg%3Apgr/176-1200w-dc-power-supplies-gpib-single-and-multiple-output?nid=-536902293.0&cc=US&lc=eng Are they based on SMPS or linear...
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    Boost DCDC converter step response

    Hi, I designed a boost DCDC converter 11V to 19V @3A load in CCM and a voltage mode type 3 copensator. I get this step response from simulation. Is it ok or should I redesigned my compensator? Steady state response is ok, but I am worried about transient response. Should it be without...
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    LCL and FCL differences

    What is the difference in functionality between LCL (Latching current limiter) and FCL (Foldback current limiter) and in which applications are they used?
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    Taper Charge Mode for batteries

    hi all, What is Taper Charge Mode and how can I implemented with a commercial programmable power supply?
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    Best control technique for Boost dc-dc converters

    There are so many control techniques for boost converters (ie. type-3 compensation, sliding mode control etc). I would like to know which one is considered the best. Thank you
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    Crowbar circuit question

    Dear all, I don't understand how the crowbar circuit achieves short circuit in input rails without damaging the switch it uses. It seems it short-circuits the input on purpose, but then wont the device (ie. mosfet) will be destroyed?
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    Programmable overvoltage and overcurrent protection

    Hi all, Is there an equipment that provides computer programmable overvoltage and overcurrent protection for power electronic equipment? (ie. 50V max, 40A max)? If not, how can I implement it? Can I use a voltage and current sense value (using an ADC)? I am afraid that solution would be to...
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    Battery simulation hardware-equipment

    Dear all, I want to design an equipment that simulates a battery supply system (multiple battery cells connected together for a Vout =20V). The problem is that I want to implement a Charge and Discharge function with controlled charging and discharging impedance. Is it possible to do this with...
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    EMC/RFI test setup and equipment

    Hi all, What equipment do I need to build a professional EMC RFI testing system? I need to check if an electronic system radiation is in accordance to some specifications. Thank you
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    RDS(on) minimization

    If RDS(on) in switching power supplies is the main source of power loss, why cant we connect many MOSFETs in parallel in order to minimize the resistance?
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    Orcad Pspice digital control loop programming

    Hi, I want to implement a digital controller for a switch mode power supply in Orcad pspice. The controller will take voltages and current values as inputs and create the control signal using intelligent algorithms (state machines, digital control techniques etc). Therefore I need a block...
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    Oscilloscope as a Network analyzer

    Hi all, Can I use an oscilloscope as a network analyzer? and produce bode plots, measure noise, stability etc?
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    Coaxial or twisted pair?

    Which is the best cable for shielding against low frequencies EMI RFI of 50Hz to 100Hz? The cable has to carry signal with 100kHz BW Thank you in advance
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    SMPS feedback controller

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the feedback network of an boost converter. All power electronics books derive equations for the Vout of converters as a function of duty cycle. But without a feedback controller these equations never hold true and they almost never describe how to build a...
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    Problem with filtering noise

    Hi all, I have a sensor with a Bandwidth of 10Hz to 50kHz. I have observed that sometimes I get noise spikes at 20Hz and 60Hz. I believe it is because of the long wire of the sensor and the noisy (industrial) environment. At first I though of using a high pass or notch filter to remove the...

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