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    Inquiry on LC filter/regulator design for automotive

    automotive lc filter Hi, I am planning on building a filter/regulator in preparation for my project car. I am still in its first stage, which is constructing a filter/regulator, or voltage stabilizer for my car's electronics. There are already a lot who have added a set of parallel...
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    how can propic2 be converted to support icsp?

    propic2 schematic hi, propic2 is a good pic programmer. i have one made in a point-to-point wiring and its works great. the problem here is that it is not icsp yet. you have to program the pic the old-school way of remove it from the target app and place it in the programmer. in the propic2...
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    hyperterminal communication w/ 8051

    hyperterminal hex commands hi, i wanted to control something through 8051 by interfacing it to my pc through hyperterminal. a simple diagram is shown: PC(hyperterminal) <----> 8051 <----> [something to be controlled] actually what i am after is the interface between PC & 8051. the...
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    clarifcations in circuit setup for 16f8x icsp programming ??

    hi, i have read the icsp guide in the microchip website (https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/30277d.pdf) i focused on the 16f8x programming. there is a circuit at the bottom of page 2-21 (figure 1: typical application circuit). i am very noob in icsp/isp and i would like to...
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    circuit help: square and sin wave input = square wave output

    hi, i would like to ask what kind of circuit would produce such a response? input: - a sinewave with a varying amplitude directly proportional to the frequency. maximum pk is 3v and max freq is 500hz - a square wave with a V-hi of 5V and V-low of 0V and a max freq of 500hz - a square wave...
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    how can ref des + footprint be placed in homemade pcb?

    hi, doing homemade pcb is easy. with a bunch of cad tools, some common household equipment, some chemicals and stock pcb, from the local pcb shop, one can easily create pcb at home. i was just wondering, how can a reference designation be placed on pcb w/o the use of silkscreen? well, these...

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