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    What method to use for translating the address in a memory?

    memory manage. Hi, Dear all, I issue a challenging topic that is about memory manage. It is known, the memory manage has 2 primary method--paging and segment. Their primary elements are very clear. In general, the paging is popular. In the new situation, some new architecture have very large...
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    what may i do after synthesis?

    hi, dear all, i have synthesis the my design. but, i don't know what i may do in future, please someone tell me! thanks!
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    help me! how to generate an edif file in synplify asic?

    hi, deal all, how can i generate an edif file in synplify asic?
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    How can i install cadence ldv v3.40 in redhat linux7.2?

    I have download the ldv (ncv-complete-03.40.s016-lnx86.tar.gz & ncv-complete-3.40.s009-lnx86.tar.gz), but I don't know how to install it.
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    Help me about cadence ldv v3.0!

    ncverilog $recordvars $dumpon When I run it , I can't add any signals to waveform window. Operate following: a:1. Run the "Affirma launch tool". 2. Select the "Verilog","Verilog-Xl Desktop","Graphical" to creat a session. 3. Add a verilog file "Test.v" and...

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