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    What is the current carrying capability of gold bonding wires with 1.25 mil diameter?

    I am using bond wires to make matching circuits , I need to know what is the current carrying cabability of gold bonding wires with 1.25 mil diamter. thnx in advance
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    Is there a magnetic field inside a perfect conductor?

    Perfect conductor hi all I have a question Is there a magnetic field inside a perfect conductor (I know from basic courses and pozar's book that inside aperfect condcutor there are no fields) but if there is no field inside the condcuotr , how does the current flow inside the conductor incase...
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    Mobile antenna and Human Body

    the effects of mobile waves on body and human Hallo I would like to know the effect of human body on the mobil antenna and how can we make the antenna insenstive to this effect is this a problem for a wide band antenna thanx
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    How and when to use bead balun?

    bead balun hallo Does anyone know about bead balun i have seen it as ferrite beads at the outside of coacial cabels does anyone have an appnote about it or how and when to use it thanx
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    Should I interpolate ENR dB values?

    ENR interpolation hallo i have a noise source with ENR values at 1 and 2 Ghz in dB i want to get the values in between should i interpolat the dB values or convert to linear scale then interpolat and then get the dB thanx
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    Is there Agilent ADS working on Linux?

    ads under linux hello i would like to ask is there agilent ads under linux thanx
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    looking for linux tutorial / ebook

    linux tutorial hallo i am a little bit new to linux , i can copy files and list directories and so on on linux but i want some ebook to teach me about the insides of linux i want to learn about processes and enviroment variables and so on i would like to try eda under linux can any one tell...
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    power amplifier stability

    home.t.-online.de/home/weberconnect/adlab2.htm hi i am designing a class A power amplifier my question is the K factor for the whole amplifier is less that 1 in some bands while S11 and s22 is less than 1 in all the band should i care about the K factor also why should i care about low...
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    current carrying capability

    hallo if i have a certain substart and for a given trace width ,how can i know that maximum current that can pass throught it without being distroyed thanx
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    How to make transistor artwork in momentum?

    transistor artwork hallo i want to make the artwork for a transistor in momentum (ads) any advice or hint how to make it thanx
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    Microwave power amplifier

    hallo i am designing a power amplifier using a motorola transistor i would like to ask how can i use load pull simulation to design it for broadband operation form 1.8GHz to 2.2 Ghz also wht should i do with the harmonics some books say short it (crips book) other papers (an experimental study...

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