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    direction of arrival estimation

    hi all anybody got a document explaining the direction of arrival estimation method for smart antenna as all what i got from search is too complex i really wanna understand it , so as to start simulating it using matlab thanks all
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    what is rake receiver?

    rake receiver ppt hi all can one help me, what is rake receiver??
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    What is the linear output pin in RF module ?

    RF module problem i have an RF module, it workd perfect, but in the receiver there is a pin called linear outpt,does anybody know what is it?
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    What company sells QAM transmitters?

    qam transmitter? hi all does anybody knows a company that sells rf module with modulation type QAM ( 16 or 64 or 256 )
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    What company sells QAM transmitters?

    qam transmitter? hi all does anybody knows a company that sells rf module with modulation type QAM ( 16 or 64 or 256 )
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    How to analyze the data received from antennas beam?

    smart antenna hi all i want to design a smart antenna, i want to know a procedure to analyze the data recept to form the beam upon it?
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    matlab( simulink ) question

    hi all is there is a method to get the code of any block of those in the simulink? thanks in advance..
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    rf transmitters and receivers

    hi all i am looking for rf transmitters and receivers using 16 QAM modulation type any body knows a company so i can contact? does any body think that i would need any other thing.. i mean for example would the receiver would include the bpf at its front end?? please help me.. thanks in advance..
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    Looking for scrambler algorithm for wireless system

    hi all i want to design a wireless system on the simulink of matlab i found a lot of blockboxs that must be turned into codes i would like with the scrambler anybody got an algorithm for the scrambler of 802..11g or any type of scrambler plz help is needed thanks
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    first step in designing an ethernet switch

    hi all i am designing an ethernet switch the first step is using an ic called lan magnet anybody knows why we use it??? plus the ic used is adm 6996l anybody worked with..? i want to order it how can i get it??/
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    how to implement VOIP telephone

    hi all i wnat to implement a telephone that supports both, the basic telephony system and voip the basic telephony system is not a hard task at all but the main problem here is what is the hardware needed to implement voip anybody know anything about it anybody know any site that talk about the...
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    Anybody know about wishbone?

    hi everybody anybody plz got information about wishbone interface to mii how could i implement it on fpga thx in advance
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    How to implement MII on FPGA?

    mii interface hi all i am designing an ethernet switch the first step is a phy ic ,( we will use one from micrell company) ks8721B the output from that ic supports something called mi anyone has any details on miii and how could it be implemented on fpga?
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    Looking for CISCO switch manual

    any body got any manual about cisco switch??
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    How many gates are needed for implementing ethernet switch ?

    number of gate required? i want to implement an ethernet switch on the fpga i want to use spartan 3 board it got 200 000 gate would that be enough??
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    Recommend an FPGA tutorial for a beginner

    hi all i am new to the field of fpga i am zero in that field any body could give me a tutorial to start with thx in advance
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    the output of the lan card waveform

    hi every one could any body tell me the output of the lan card is modulated or baseband? if any have more details plz send it 2 me...
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    Looking for a circuit diagram of a network switch

    network switch can any body give me a circuit diagram for a switch ( any number of ports)
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    Looking for a site for designing network hardware

    network hardware any body plz know a site for designing network hardware( switches-routers)
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    Speech Recognition code read lpc , plot lpc

    speech recognition hi all i want to build a speech recognition system using matlab did any body tried it before? can it really work?

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