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    Altera fpga epcs1 programming question

    Hello everybody:) i've got a question about programming with quartus 2, my fpga: https://www.ebv.com/en/products/development_boards/db2c5_144.html To program the fpga through jtag mode isn't a problem but i'm trying to program the Epcs1 but it won't work, i'm programming trought the...
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    Problem with Fpga/Verilog

    Hello Everybody, I'm new with fpga's and i have a problem. I've got 2 incoming signals, A and B. i made an up and down 32 bit counter. When A is first then count up When B is first count down. Now i sent the data with I2C. but what happends, If i only count. and no other codes. it works good...

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