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    Interfacing Matlab with microcontroller

    i need help in my project. in my project i will use microcontroller, matlab and electronics lock. i want to connect a microcontroller with my Laptop, so that when a command goes from MATLAB to the microcontroleer, it should open the electronic lock. how will i do this. e.g when my required...
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    NEED help for code in verilog for vertix 4

    i have a verilog code which i want to burn on xilinx virtex 4. its a ac 97 codec code. but when i want to burn this file on virtex 4 using ISE 10.1 , its not burning. kindly help me out. i am attaching the code....
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    VIRTEX 4 board using LAB VIEW SOFTWARE

    As LAB VIEW dont have library for virtex 4. it is not interfacing with it. Is there any method or solution of this to interface Virtex 4 xilinx fpga board with labview? actuallt i have to implement a project on virtex 4 board i-e to change the magnitude of the input sound and get it on output...
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    FPGA Virtex 4-Verilog-Noise amplification

    Thanks FvM for replying. Actually i have to take some audio inside using some FPGA Board whether its SPARTAN 3/3E or Virtex 4(but some one suggested me to use virtex 4 board as this can be easily implemented in this) and then i have to increase or decrease the volume of the sound (Magitude) when...
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    help with verilog code for virtex 4

    i am new to verilog coding. As virtex 4 uses LM4550 Semiconductor and AC97 codec. i need verilog coding TO GET SOME SOUND OR VOICE IN VIRTEX 4 FPGA KIT THROUGH LINE IN OR MIKE AND THEN GET IT BACK THROUGH LINE OUT. ANY TUTORIAL REGARDING THIS or any relevant material will also be appreciated...
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    FPGA Virtex 4-Verilog-Noise amplification

    I have XILINX VIRTEX 4 BOARD. i want to make a project using this board, to Amplify(increase or decrease) the input noise. How can i do this? Need Help? and any help regarding the board anf structure?
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    Need help in Commutation

    i have to make a presentation on the following topics. kindly help me as i know nothing about the topics. any notes, books, lectures, related sites or material will be highly appreciated. 1. Differences between Natural and Forced Commutation 2. Class A commutation: Load Commutation 3. Class B...
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    Converting C language to Assembly

    i want to convert my program language from C to Assembly Language. what should i do? i write the C program in Keil. the program in C is #include<reg51.h> #include<string.h> sbit rs=P3^0; sbit en=P3^1; void delay(void); void main(void) { unsigned char com[]={0x01,0x02,0x06,0x0E}; int i,lnth...
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    How to Burn an IC in microcontrollers

    i want to make a project in microcontrollers, a microprocessor project . hoe IC's can be burnt? programming language? software? etc....need help
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    [SOLVED] simple project in microprocesor

    kindly suggest me some simple project in microprocessor 8085/8080A.
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    [SOLVED] controlling one light using two switches

    How can we control a light bulb using two switches giving AC current.
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    What is the best Antivirus software on the market?

    Re: Best Antivirus "Avira Anti Virus" &&&&&&&&&&& "Avast Anti Virus". these two are good..Simply the Best

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