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    EMMC replacement

    Hello everybody. I am repairing boat chartplotter. So i need some advice. Let's say we have same manufacturer, only different sizes of screen. 7" screens have the same hadware board as 12" chartplotter. This one i received is 12", i found out that EMMC is gone. I have spare EMMC, but from 7"...
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    Replacement for MOSFET

    I am repairing battery charger. It has 6 STP180N55F3 mosfets, 3 are gone. Can I replace it with IRFB7440PBF? In datasheet they seem similar, except power discipation. STP180N55F3 says 300W, IRFB7440PBF says 208 but it has countinous dran current 208A while STP180N55F3 has 120A? I have some other...
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    Low voltage buzzer alarm

    Hello. I am building low battery buzzer alarm. I have done this guided by schematics and it works great. My question is is it reliable to leave it just like this in boat with few components? I see in the datasheet of lm339 that it can hande much bigger voltage then 12V (around 30) so I would put...
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    What is this circuit

    I got this board for repair and i am not sure am I crazy or am I missing something here? The component that is missing is FDS6680 mosfet.. I removed it because it was in short circuit. But when i tried to figure out what that mosfets does I was scratching my head... So I marked 12V coming from...
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    What is this component?

    Hello everybody. Does anybody know what is this red component with black stripe on one end? I found that some of theese are faulty. They are giving me reading all around from 10-60 k ohms, but only in one diretion. In diode mode - nothing. I know that they are problem because i changed them with...
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    Is this possible to repair? (flash memory chip)

    Hello. I have got a device which didnt wan't to turn on, and i found a problem. When I took this chip out of board it turns on, but only on start screen. And then restarts after some time. This looks like some kind of memory chip, maybe flash? But i can not find anything on the internet about...
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    Bootstrap doesn't work

    Hello. I am struggling with this for whole day and i just can't figure out what is wrong. I had similar problems, but nothing like this. So i have 2 IR2183 which are used for h- bridge. As I can see on the scope the logic side before IR2183 is fine. I am receiving good signals on pins 1 and 2...
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    Important circuits to learn

    Hello. My hobby is electronics repairs, and when i watch other people repairing electronics on youtube i can see that they can a lot of time read from components and their connections excatly what is the purpose of that part in pcb. I am mostly repairing marine electronics, but to be honest I...
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    [SOLVED] What is the role of this transistor?

    Hello people :). Can someone explain to me what is the purpose of this bc817 transistor in this buzzer circuit? Thanks a lot
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    Actuator control box problem

    So i got electronic control box that controls 2 actuators for rising and lowering platform... The guy told me that one guy was inside and push the button for lowering while another one accidentaly pushed the button on the wireless remote for lifting the platform at the same time and control box...
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    Processor overheating

    Hello guys... I have a B&G zeus2 marine chartplotter which is shutting down in the summer on the direct sunlight... Looks like the processor is overheating and shutting down (i compared temperatures with the other one which works ok)... The problem is that everything is hermetically enclosed...

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