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    Simplest programmer for msp430

    tps77030 + msp430 Hi, I want to build one simplest programmer to start with msp430 based controler. Which schematic should i build for that. I saw one at olimex.com. The link is https://www.olimex.com/dev/images/msp430-jtag-d-sch.gif But it is having one TPS77030 ic which is not available...
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    PIC USB programmer schematic needed

    pic usb programmer schematic hi, all i am currently using epic programmer to program my pic. i want help for building a cheap programmer for pic. Can anybody give me the schematic or board layout and the firmware if there. Please it is argent.
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    Eagle3d new way to look at your ckt board

    eagle3d is a software which gives you the 3d image of the circui layout. it uses povray software and looks just good for every thing try the following link it is too good. https://www.matwei.de/doku.php?id=en:eagle3d:eagle3d
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    ICD for picbasic pro MIcrocode studio.

    hi, Can someone give me a simple schematic of In-circuit debugger?? Will a max232 circuit work with the microcode picbasic or the circuit is something else?? look at the circuit given in picture from micocode site. Will this work. Please help me building it..
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    Picbasic pro not working with 18f4520

    Hello, i have full version of picbasic pro 2.45. But it doesnot have support for 18f4520. Is there some other way to compile my programs of picbasic pro for 18f4520???? Will the inc file and bas file added to it can compile prorams?? Do anyone have those files. they are in pached version of...
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    do someone have simple programmer schematic for sx52

    can anyone give circuit layout or pcb layout of sx52 microcontroller programmer??
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    pic18f4520 programming and debbuging

    pic18f4520 programming i tried hard with my previous programmer winpicprog but it does not support this chip. can anyone give a alternative programmer which is cheap to build and also the debugger schematic and software??
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    Can anyone help me to program pic 18F4520 with small ckt.

    18f4520 programer hi, i tried hard to find out progammer hadware and software but no simple schematic was found. Can anyone help me with the hardware and software???

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