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    need to know about digital upconverters

    I need to review some of the my books but the jist of the problem with up-conversion, as I recall from very long time ago, is that if you do not go through an intermediate frequency, then your conversion circuit may interfere with the antenna(?). This doesn't sound logical to me at this point...
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    Motion-JPEG codec chip needed

    motion jpeg vs jpeg difference Divio makes motion-JPEG chips. Depending on your image resolution and frame rate requirement, you may be able to get away with JPEG chips. Motion JPEG is basically a series of JPEG images synchronized with the audio stream. MPEG is a video codec whereas JPEG is...
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    digital filters - what are they?

    Re: digital filters There are 4 combinations of these filters and they are often categorized as types: Type 1: Odd number of taps, impulse response is an even function. Type 2: Even number of taps, impulse response is an evenfunction. Type 3: Odd number of taps, impulse response is an odd...
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    Software design specification for SoC

    SystemC is good for transaction level simulation but not realistic for constraining timing. There's quite a bit of coding overhead as well. I think in order for SystemC to be useful as a spec, the hardware engineers will have to understand its syntax and the software engineers will have to...
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    How is VLSI Jobs in US now

    vlsi jobs in us Not to mention that a lot of these jobs are relocated to mainland China. According to my sources, equivalent job functions in hardware design cost from 1/8 to 1/5 of what it would cost in US. So for the same amount of money, you could have 5-8 monkeys (highly intelligent ones...
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    Which kit for DSP on FPGA is better?

    Re: kit for DSP on FPGA My interpretation of bandwidth limited ADC is an ADC that takes an analog signal that has already been filtered by an analog low-pass filter, or so called anti-aliasing filter. The reason this filter is needed is to prevent high frequency signals from aliasing into the...
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    Which kit for DSP on FPGA is better?

    Re: kit for DSP on FPGA Yes. Bandwidth limited, low-pass filtered, or "spectrally windowed". They are all the same. The latter term is from the data-sheet download link from the URL: **broken link removed** I thought this data sheet would reflect more on the board but it's pretty much all...
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    Anyone can tell me where I can get W-CDMA Radio Spec. ?

    Hi, I tried looking for the W-CDMA spec on 3gpp.org and it took me a while to find the actual publications. The working group for W-CDMA in 3GPP is called TSG-RAN. You can get to it by the URL: **broken link removed**. There are 4 working groups under it (WG1 - WG4) and you'll have to find...
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    Which kit for DSP on FPGA is better?

    Re: kit for DSP on FPGA The company that makes the ADCs and DACs for the XtremeDSP kit is Analog Devices (ADI) ADC - AD6644(5) and DAC - AD9772A. You can find this information on-line in the XtremeDSP sell sheet: https://www.xilinx.com/ipcenter/dsp/xtremedsp_sell_sheet.pdf The XtremeDSP kit is...
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    Which kit for DSP on FPGA is better?

    Re: kit for DSP on FPGA I think some of these questions are best answered directly by the FPGA companies since you are looking to buy hardware. I'm sure their sales will jump on your inquiry. And if you are using this for educational purposes, they may even have a special discount. Xilinx and...
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    please choose a dsp for me

    FYI, TI's C54xx/C55xx are used in most of today's mobile phones, that is, if your interest is in wireless. MGPC
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    DSP Selection - some help needed

    Re: Help for a DSP Selection I would go with a fixed point DSP if you are not sure which to choose. Most DSP applications nowadays can be implemented in fixed point. Floating point stuff are usually taken care of by general purpose microprocessors. You are probably looking at video...

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