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    Inverter 3Phase with EGS031

    Hello people. I made a three-phase inverter using the EGS031 module. I am having several problems. Has anyone here made an inverter with this module so that we can exchange information?
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    How calculate the input filter capacitors for Half bridge SMPS

    Hello guys, In sch attached how to calculate the filter capacitors C4 and C5 ? to a power of 1200W. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    [PIC] Config FAULT PWM dsPIC33FJ06GS001

    Hi folks, I'm trying to set up the dsPIC33FJ06GS001 to generate a fault in PWM, when the voltage exceeds a limite the reference. I'm using comparator 1 (CMP1A ) I do not know how to internally connect the output of the comparator in PWM fault. See code below. Alguém pode ajudar ? Thanks...

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