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    Inquiry on LC filter/regulator design for automotive

    automotive lc filter Hi, I am planning on building a filter/regulator in preparation for my project car. I am still in its first stage, which is constructing a filter/regulator, or voltage stabilizer for my car's electronics. There are already a lot who have added a set of parallel...
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    What coating to use on PCB layers?

    PCB Copper Coating all i use is plain acrylic paint... its cheap but it can protect the copper layer well. anyway its just for hobbyist type of circuits in my case.
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    how can propic2 be converted to support icsp?

    hmmm... so even though its an open collector type of output i still need the diodes...? :?
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    how can propic2 be converted to support icsp?

    74hc07 same sn7407 7407 is open collector: https://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/sn7407.html
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    how can propic2 be converted to support icsp?

    74hc07 pic programer it would still use all three transistors and would employ additional diodes... referring to the schematic on the site... i had these thoughts... please comment on them... - i will only use one transistor for vpp - transistor networks of t4 and t3 would be eliminated...
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    Atmel ISP Cable pinout

    atmel pinout on second thought, maybe you should try to specify what particular device you wanted to program in ISP... that would make things clearer...
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    Atmel ISP Cable pinout

    atmel isp try downloading again. i have it installed right NOW in my pc... yup this one that i am using to reply in the message board.
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    Atmel ISP Cable pinout

    atmel isp cable check out this link: https://www.atmel.com/dyn/products/tools_card.asp?tool_id=2877 it also has a software from atmel
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    how can propic2 be converted to support icsp?

    propic2 schematic hi, propic2 is a good pic programmer. i have one made in a point-to-point wiring and its works great. the problem here is that it is not icsp yet. you have to program the pic the old-school way of remove it from the target app and place it in the programmer. in the propic2...
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    can the ProPIC 2 do icp or iscp?

    ProPIC 2 the propic 2 (gold or not) does not do icsp. programming takes place the old school way - remove the chip, place it in the programmer and burn. the propic 2 icsp is obviously icsp capable - and it has NO sockets unlike the previous one.
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    Did you think about power consumption????

    there are those microcontrollers that have a low power mode and those that are termed as "low power" throughout its operation. the "low power" uC's are of course ideally for battery operated systesm
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    Cheapest Microcontroller [suggestions required]

    the chipest microcontroller price is dependent on several aspects.... among these very complicated dependencies is the dealer/source where you would purchase the device, another is the manner of purchasing, another is the brand, etc.... in my case i choose a microcontroller depending primarily...
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    Is there isp program for 89s52 with max232

    at89s52 programmer max232 it would depend on the software. however, if you want to have a max232 to program an 8051 family uC, then go for ds87c420/430/440/450. the process if fully discussed in the ultra-high-speed micrcontroller user guide in maxim/dallas website. they also offer a freely...
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    89s52 program using serial port

    at89sxx download cable circuit what's the real at89isp cable??? this one: https://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/doc3310.pdf or this one: https://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/isp_C_v5.PDF :?: :?: :?: if you look very closely at the connections for the header...
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    Get a DS89C450 running...

    example circuit microcontroller ds89c450 can i use the circuit for isp programming?
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    hyperterminal communication w/ 8051

    hyperterminal hex that's strange... (or is it just me) the equivalent of "A" in ascii is 0x41 right? 65 is decimal. does that mean hyperterm sends decimal values and not hex? i don't need to wrap it up, since it would cost additional instructions. all i am after right now is the direct...
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    hyperterminal communication w/ 8051

    hyperterminal ascii do you still have the link available? i can't find the 8051 monitor program in intel website would it make any difference if i would use hyperterminal? as much as possible i would rather not go about doing another application to drive the uC operation since i am targeting...
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    hyperterminal communication w/ 8051

    hyperterminal hex commands hi, i wanted to control something through 8051 by interfacing it to my pc through hyperterminal. a simple diagram is shown: PC(hyperterminal) <----> 8051 <----> [something to be controlled] actually what i am after is the interface between PC & 8051. the...
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    clarifcations in circuit setup for 16f8x icsp programming ??

    hi, i have read the icsp guide in the microchip website (https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/30277d.pdf) i focused on the 16f8x programming. there is a circuit at the bottom of page 2-21 (figure 1: typical application circuit). i am very noob in icsp/isp and i would like to...
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    circuit help: square and sin wave input = square wave output

    hi, i would like to ask what kind of circuit would produce such a response? input: - a sinewave with a varying amplitude directly proportional to the frequency. maximum pk is 3v and max freq is 500hz - a square wave with a V-hi of 5V and V-low of 0V and a max freq of 500hz - a square wave...

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