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    Alliance CAD Synthesis - Commercial Standard Cells

    Hi, I´d like to know if have someone ever used the Alliance synthesis tools with a commercial design kit. The format of the Alliance standard cells library seems to be different from the commercial design kit. Thanks
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    Simulink accelbuild_private

    accelbuild_private Anybody knows what to do with this error message? "Undefined function or variable 'accelbuild_private'" It appears when I use the Accelerator-Mode Simulink Simulation in Linux. Thanks
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    How to read a diskette saved on hp4145 parameter analyzer?

    hp4145 diskette How can I read the information of a diskette formated and saved on a HP4145 parameter analyzer? I'm trying to read it on a Linux machine but I don't know the filesystem which I have to use. Thanks
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    How to convert S-PARAMETER to PI-MODEL ?

    S-PARAMETER to PI-MODEL Hi, Does anyone knows any tool to convert the S-parameter description of an indutor to its PI-MODEL?
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    planar inductor simulator

    What is the more used planar inductor simulator? I have heard about m-a-g-n-e-t, s-o-n-n-e-t , asitic, fasthenry but not all of them are designed to simulate CMOS structures. Any comment about these simulators?
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    global parameter in DA_IC

    How can I declare a global parameter for all the transistors used in a schematic done in the mentor DA-IC?
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    How to change the MAC address of an ethernet card?

    Hi, Does any one have information of how to change de MAC address of a ethernet card? Tnxs

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