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    Energy Meter energy calculation from power

    As per the datasheet(page 58), PMAX = 33,516,139 = 0x1FF6A6B, the instantaneous power computed when the ADC inputs are at full scale. So will dividing the value obtained from the register by Pmax give me the actual wh value ?
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    Energy Meter energy calculation from power

    Thanks for your reply. But the values given out of these registers are 32 bit. I was thinking how do I convert it to the actual value. I think there is some conversion factor.
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    Energy Meter energy calculation from power

    I have interfaced a smart energy meter IC (ADE7878) to a microcontroller. The datasheet of the IC can be found here, https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADE7854_7858_7868_7878.pdf. As per the datasheet, on page 50 total active power of each phase can be read from...
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    CT ratio setting on energy meter

    Can you please explain more clearly ?
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    CT ratio setting on energy meter

    Current Transfomer (CT) ratio setting on energy meter I am using a smart energy meter which allows me to set the CT ratio among other parameters. I am using 50/5 ratio AC CT's. For the meter to do the kwh calculation correctly, I believe I have to set primary CT ratio to 50 and secondary CT...
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    Streaming video from a DVR with ethernet/serial port

    I have a DVR camera with a serial port and also an ethernet port. 4 cameras are connected to this DVR. I can connect this ethernet or serial port to my controller. From my controller board (running on ubuntu ) which also has GSM, would I be able to stream the video to a server ?
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    Dial up Modem and GPS using sierra wireless HL modem

    I have a HL6548-G and a HL8548-G module with me. I wanted to implement a dialup modem for these modules. I was thinking of using wvdial in linux for this purpose. Anyone else has any suggestions ? Also, I also need the GPS data from the module for which I have to use AT commands in my code. With...
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    adding a serial port to microzed board

    I am running xillinux on my microzed board. I need to define a new serial port on the board using vivado. I was able to add this to the IP core and the device is ready. But,how do I make this port visible on ubuntu (xillinux) like ttyPS0. DO I need to add this port to the device tree and...
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    backing up SD card data from two partitions

    I have currently installed the latest xillinux OS on a 7020 Microzed Board. I used the USB image kit version 1.61 in windows 8 to install the OS. Images were downloaded from here (https://xillybus.com/xillinux). So there are two partitions basically created by this image, one boot partition (FAT...
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    Debugging a sugar cube relay

    Ya, by mistake I had connected a load directly to the relay. The high current must have damaged it. Because the relay can take around 5 amps. But even the relay shouldn't click. It does click and the output is getting reduced to 12 volts from 120 volts which is weird. It is behaving like a...
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    Debugging a sugar cube relay

    I have a sugar cube relay which I am using with my controller. It turns On/Off when high or low signals are sent from the microcontroller. It can take upto 240V AC at 10 amps. The way the relay circuit board is that I connect the positive and negative of DC or AC Line and neutral at the input...
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    Lithium vs AGM vs Nickel Cadmium (pocket plate) batteries

    I am looking to use a 100-200ah battery for my inverter. There will be a charge and discharge cycle everyday. So in terms of safety, life cycles, cost, rugged usage, rapid charging and discharging, which is the best battery to use ?
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    Minimum current draw of AC to DC converter at no load

    I wanted to know if there is a minimum current draw on the AC to DC converters from the AC source when it is connected to an input voltage of 120V (60Hz), when no load is connected at the output of the converter ? Is this current draw constant ? For example, if we consider this converter from...
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    Effect on temperature on Battery (lead acid, AGM, lithium)

    Effect on ambient temperature on Battery (lead acid, AGM, lithium) Most of the manufacturers state the number of cycles for batteries at a temperature of 27 degree celsius. My question, how will the batteries (Lead acid,AGM,lihtium) be affected when charged/operated at ambient temperatures...
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    How to calculate run time of inverter

    Thank you. Also, how much time would it take to charge the batteries (40-50 amps charging current) back to 100% from 20%,30%,50%,70% of charge left ? I have a lead acid charger which can charge upto 50 amps.
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    How to calculate run time of inverter

    I have a 24volt inverter (2kva). There are two 12V, 200AH AGM (C20 at 27 degree c)batteries connected in series to the inverter input. Now, if I have a constant load of 2.5 amperes at 120V, how do I calculate the run time of the inverter for 70% DOD, 50% DOD, 30% DOD, 100% DOD ? Is there some...
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    battery chargers - AGM and lithium

    I am working on an inverter with a battery charger for a 24V,200AH AGM battery pack. The battery charger current can be adjusted from 10 to 50 amps. Now, I want to be able to also a charge a lithium battery (24V,150AH) with this charger. Since the lithium iron phosphate battery has a BMS along...
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    Charging an AGM battery in 5 hours

    I have a 12V, 200AH AGM battery. The maximum charging current recommended by the manufacturer is 50 amps. Now, I need to connect two AGM 12v batteries in series to connect to the input of my 24 volt inverter with battery charger. Is it possible to charge these AGM batteries in 5-6 hours ...
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    Number of cycles for AGM battery with an inverter

    I have an AC system which has a continuous load of 7 amps at 120 volts. To run this system, I need a set of AGM battery and an Inverter system (power factor- 0.8). The inverter is 24 volts and rated for 2 Kva. I have a few 12 volt, 200 AH batteries. Now, how do I calculate the run time of my...
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    How to detect a plug is connected to socket

    I have a plug and socket. Before I turn on power supply from a contactor, I need to detect if the plug is connected to the socket via a microcontroller. Any ideas on how to do this ? The Plug I am using is The socket I am using is: All the four pins of both socket and plug are connected...

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