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    shift left +std_logic_vector PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS CODE...I GET some weird error in this code... U can even try pasting the code in any vhdl s/w n check..i work with xilinx ise!!! ** WARNING:HDLParsers:3458 - Because of erroneous VHDL in VHDL file c:\xilinx\bin\123/123.vhd, automatic...
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    Urgent: Async system design

    Hey guys...well, im in a soup....and i need help quite urgently!!! I had a post about this same topic b4...quite sometime back... It is about this async system that i plan to design. The idea was to design an async ALU....a simple one albeit...but one which cud demonstrate the gr8 possibilities...
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    no simulation for counter in modelsim!!!!

    modelsim tri1 hello.. i have this problem with a vhdl code when i try to simulate it in modelsim. The code is for a simple counter ...link to it.. h**p://toolbox.xilinx.com/docsan/xilinx8/books/data/docs/xst/xst0018_5.html when i try to run it in modelsim and force a value to "clear" i/p ,i...
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    an asynchronous multiplier!!!

    hey guys... well...i've finally begun work on my asynchronous ALU...while add/sub seems sorted out for now...i need some help as to how to begin with a multiplier...i dont plan to integrate a divide unit. Also, while there r ieas to directly build an async add/sub systtem...i recently cam...
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    Help me build an ASYNC ALU

    hi guys.....after some hectic work....i'm back at my own work. I need to work on a project for my final graduation .After long thought and discussions, i have come to the conclusion tht i can work on a project in the field of "ASYNCHRONOUS CLOCKLESS UNITS"......basically, i wud like to work for...
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    urgent help for maiden project!!!!!

    Hey guys!!!! well, i'm a nwebie at vlsi. We r expected to perform a basic project in class on an FPGA kit. i have decided to perform the following project. h**t//:www.fpga4fun.com/PongGame.html Now, i need some help as regards to the way i proceed in implemeting the code in XILINX iSE. I...
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    convert from verilog to vhdl plzz!!!

    to_stdlogic hey guys, i need help urgently. i'm a newbie at vlsi and as far as i'm concerned i've made myself fairly able at vhdl. i'm planning to reaslise the following project .This happens to be my first project with vhdl anyway. link:: h**p://www.fpga4fun.com/PongGame.html Now, i need u...

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