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    Critical Trace Length

    critical length rise time when calculating critical trace length, does this trace length start again if you put a buffer chip in the line? Eg: if you run a data and address line to RAM and EPROM and then to a buffer or bus transciever to go off your pc board to another device on another pc...
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    Tutorials/info about FGPA with ADC Application

    FGPA Applicaiton?? Well im developing a board with a adc that is gathering data and spitting it out serially. It has been suggested to me that i should use a fpga to clock the serial data out via a sclk and data out, and then buffer it and average the data using a rolling filter and then spit...
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    The width of the traces and the size of the vias

    Traces and Via's well up until recently i had only designed a couple of simple boards at uni, these were really just a matter of playing dot to dot joining connections together. Now im looking at designing a "high speed board" and have been reading about trace impedance and a milliion other...
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    Using 6 layer board for BGA design

    bga designing I am in the process of finding and designing a new micro that will have a 256pin BGA with a 1.00mm pitch (21mm x 21mm). I was origanally thinking of using a 4layer board to do this with sig-pwr-gnd-sig. But after reading around it looks like i should be going to a 6layer board...
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    Looking for a micro to interface with ADC board

    ads1251 interface Hello i am looking for a micro to interface with a adc board. I am hoping to find something cheap that will read in data from the micro at 480kbits/sec serially. We were going to use one of the 64180 variants that we use for other products but it doesnt seem fast enough...
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    Looking for advice on ADC design with high resolution

    ads1251 schematic I am in the process of designing a circuit with a 24-bit adc on it. I am wondering if i should devide the ground plane (4 layer with sig-5V-GND-sig) up into digital and analogue. This particular adc (texas ADS1251) does not have a digital supply input. So should i just have...

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