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    GDT for power protection?

    Why only low power? Some sample GDTs I got have a metal bar across for what I'm guessing is a bypass for a very large spike and looks like it can do more current than it takes to trip the 25 amp fuse in front I have on this circuit.
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    GDT for power protection?

    Can I use gas tube arrestors for power protection? All the circuits I see use it for input overvoltage protection (such as telecom and sensors). But it seems to me that it should be good for power, as it will protect the MOVs from exploding in case of extreme overvoltage--as long as it can...
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    Looking for cheap software/hardware HDTV modulator solution

    HDTV modulator HDTV computer cards I've come across don't support encrypted channels. My cable provider (like all others in Canada) uses only encrypted QAM for HDTV and DTV in general, and one has to use their boxes with DVI or component outputs. If I want to watch it on the computer, I need...

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