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    Suggest me books about BGR

    Re: BGR -- question Razavi's book should help. If this is your PhD topic, you may refer Taur and Ning.
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    Suggestions about inductorless VCOs above 3 MHz frequency

    Re: Suggestions about inductorless VCOs above 3 MHz frequenc One way to design a VCO would be to build a ring oscillator, and control the supply. The "output" is almost "linear" around a center frequency. This should help.
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    Generating the bias voltage of an op-amp

    Re: Bandgap Reference What you could do is to use 1.4 V as a supply to a Nakagome charge-pump, and feed the same 1.4 V as input to the charge-pump. For instance, in the second figure, in the link **broken link removed** Vout is twice the supply. What say?
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    Theoretical energy minima for analog to digital conversion

    What is the minimum energy required for analog-to-digital conversion? Is there a lower limit? Upper bound is infinity. That is because, the "analog" sample can always be "dissipated" before converting it to "digital" data. As such. corrupted "analog" sample means erroneous data. So, the upper...
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    Help needed with Segmentation error

    Friends, I require help with the segmentation error in GCC. I am trying to run my mos simulation program in GCC. No, actually I am running only one of arround 20 functions that I'll be using later.But each one has dynamic memory allocation [malloc()] several times. This I suppose is the reason...
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    Help required with protel

    I need to use some digital Ics like 4001, 4081, 4017 in my schematic. I can not find a library that gives 40xx series of Ics. Can anybody tell me which libraries to use?Please help.[/b]
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    If anybody need help in EAGLE, ask me in this POST !

    pic18f4520.lbr yes i wanted to know how to route the Vcc and Gnd pins of digital ICs.eg:4001,4017. Please reply urgently
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    Please help: Eagle or any other software

    I have used Eagle, Target-3001, Pulsonix for creating a pcb design of my circuit. But what I've found is that none of them routes +Vcc and Gnd. Actually the problem is that the ICs are shown as packages w/o these pins in the schematics. eg:IC-4001 doesnt show any pin no.7 or 14 in the schematic...
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    Help required with sparse matrix

    i need help in using sparse matrix in c .Pls suggest some good links and books.
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    Help with Low-Noise-Amplifiers

    I request u all 2 help me with links and uploads related to LNAs. Pls hurry up its urgent.
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    Does nebody know how 2 get minimal POS form from the Q-M method? Please reply urgently
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    Need help on Applied Mathematics

    i dont think that the first question is correct: Vect. Ab + vect BC would give vect. AC which would cancel out with vect. CA
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    i need to understand fourier transform.

    The thing of beauty that one should appreciate in the fourier transforms is the way it helps in analyzing the non-periodic functions as periodic ones. for the application part you can refer to the book : Advanced Communication Methods --- Simon Haykin
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    "universe" is expanding?

    I'll b short in my reply.just follow this link: http://www.jayantnaralikar.india.nic.in
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    Help Needed++Inverse of 100by100 matrix

    Dear members, I am a preliminary student of C. I've been able to find inverse of matrix as large as 10x10.But a friend of maine needs me to do the same with a 100x100 matrix. Can you people recommend a site for finding such a programme in C or C++
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    Can anybody provide good links to good books which cud b helpful for getting acquainted with the GREEN'S FUNCTION
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    Help needed -- solving differential eqns

    How can V solve schrodinger eqn. i need 2 make a program for that . pls help
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    Digital tachometer schematic?

    led tachometer schematic CHUPOS idea is brighter as compared to others. Try that!
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    Johan Wevers' Physics & Maths Formulary

    exactly what kind of physics does it stress upon?

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