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    Some projects in serial communication

    hi, following might help you PIC Serial Communication example (Data reception and transmission using interrupts)
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    Serial Port example program for PIC18F2550

    look here Serial Communication with PIC
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    Microchip C18 example codes

    Following links contain complete example codes with full MPLAB project files using MPLAB C18 compiler. Using internal EEPROM of PIC microcontroller Blinking LEDs with PIC microcontroller using C ( Microchip C18 ) Using relays with microcontrollers Serial Communication with PIC Using...
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    i want to start program PIC using C++..sample need..please

    HI, Try MCU Examples, Microcontroller Example projects it has some basic pic c example programs with coments
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    look here https://www.mcuexamples.com/getting-started-PIC.php
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    Help me with graphical LCD selection

    Re: glcd selection help Used mostly KS0108 based GLCDS following is example https://mcuexamples.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8 I think using nokia is not a good choice. I dont need other brand names in my products.
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    Help me solve a problem with a PIC code for controlling GLCD

    Re: GLCD problem Hi, Refer this project. It is working. I tested it. It has GLCD on Renesas microcontroller and written in C language. https://mcuexamples.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8 You could port it to a PIC with some modifications.
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    PCB Trace width calculator

    Calculator is now updated with more flexibility link is bellow https://www.mcuexamples.com/PCB-Trace-width-calculator.php
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    Looking for a sample hex file for interfacing LCD

    LCD interface Hi, Visit www.mcuexamples.com site. it has some beginner examples.
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    Debouncing a switch in a display menu code (MSP430FG4618)

    Re: display menu Try here https://www.mcuexamples.com/push-buttons-and-switch-debouncing-with-PIC.php
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    help me the pic programming to display the lcd

    Re: lcd error Try corrected code here and observe pin configuration used https://www.mcuexamples.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=11
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    lcd display error - pic 16f877a - help needed

    Re: lcd display error hi I have changed your code for your requirement. check here for modified code
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    programming of pic16f87a microcontroller

    Re: programming pic16f87a hi, if you are new, try following link. it has some information on PIC programming in general https://www.mcuexamples.com/getting-started-PIC.php https://www.mcuexamples.com/getting-started-PIC.php
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    Problem with connecting to the contrast pin and Vee(-10V) pins of a GLCD

    Re: Problem with GLCD hi, visit here for complete project with GLCD. https://www.mcuexamples.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8 this may be useful for you. it has complete GLCD driver implemented using C with source code. it also has support for different custom fonts.
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    8051 and DS1302 - RTC stops when selenoid activares

    Re: 8051 and DS1302 problem may be associated with solenoid and power supply. try about 100nF capacitor near temp. sensor and MCU and read following page https://www.mcuexamples.com/power-supplies-for-microcontroller-based-projects.php
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    Voltage drop question - will capacitor help?

    Re: Voltage drop question Hi visit here for information about power supply for MCUs. it is long. but explains lot
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    PCB Layout through Circuit Diagram

    I think only option open to you is making PCB OR CAD is best soft I know for this purpose. It is flexible and not difficult to use. When designing PCB you should decide how many layers you need, track widths, track clearances etc. as per general PCB things are very easy and you can easily use...

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