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    ARM 7 generic cpu ,keil Uv4

    i am practicing small arm 7 programs and have selected the first ARM 7 generic cpu as target device , i am having trouble with LDR and STR instructions as they are givein error 65, memory access violation , the trouble is same for cortex m0 or any other processor ,The program Is in "ASSembly...
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    keil arm7 help in acess memory

    i am a novice at keil , i am learning arm 7 assembly level program , i want to know hot to read and write into memory ,either rom or ram AREA ARMex, CODE, READONLY ; Name this block of code ARMex ENTRY ; Mark first instruction to...
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    not gate - Inverter ?help

    hello i am using multisim software for simulating a NOt gate (inverter) , what i am doing is taking a virtual depleted mode nmos trans and shorting its drain (source doesnt matter) (node 1) and gate and giving vcc ,now connecting node 1 with the source of a enhancement nmos trans and then...

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