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    VMware Linux CentOS Cadence memory RAM limitation

    Hi everyone, I'm a IC desiner. I am using VMware Workstation to run CentOS and Cadence in its environment. I have promoted my PC memory Ram to 12 GB and allocate 9.7 GB to CentOS by VMware. However, when I open the Terminal in CentOS and run the "$ free -m" code in it, the memory info in CentOS...
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    source coudn't be read

    Hi guys i run LVS with calibre and get an error as shown in image attachment. But when i change nmos_rf to nch, RVE window show match message. Also i saw a same problem in this link: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.cad.cadence/_VSwC51pkOk but i don't understand what it says or...
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    90nm calibre LVS error

    Hi guys I drew an LNA layout. I got DRC with *.DN.* and CSR.* error & ignored them. But now, when i want to take LVS, i get "Source could not be raed" error as shown in the picture that it has attached to this message. You can see input option settings in the second picture i attached. How can i...
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    [SOLVED] 90nm calibre DRC error

    Hi guys I'm using TSMC90nm and calibre. When I draw a path with 45-degree, i get grid error in calibre DRC. The error is on picture that attach to this message. If i use 45-degree path, i get this error. Also the snap spacing has true value. How can i resolve it???
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    Calibre menu doesn't appear

    Hi guys I'm an RF designer with Cadence 5.1 and tsmc 90nm. I designed circuits. But when i want to draw layout, i can't see calibre menu. I xhecked .cdsinit file and there is no problem with loading "calibre.skl". please help me
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    NF of a receiver front end at standard blocker frequency

    Hi guys. I designed a front end of wideband receiver. I did pss/pnoise analysis to calculate total noise figure of receiver. The pac magnitude at the "small signal params" is 1 and phase is 0. I can see noise figure plot without any problem. But now i wanna to calculate the total noise figure of...
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    SPECTRE RF convergence error pss analysis in an N-path filter combiner design

    Hi everyone I'm designing a wideband receiver with N-path filters. At the last stage we must use combiner to collect the voltages on the capacitors. I have designed combiner with 3-stage inverters. To work properly, I added resistor feedback between first and last stage. But when I run pss...
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    N-path filters & their flicker noise of clock generation

    Hi guys. I'm a master student. I designed a receiver using N-path filters for filtering & mixing input signals. For driving the N-path filter switches, we need to design a clock genefration with 1/N % duty-cycle. But in the total noise of receiver, we observe flicker noise of clock generation...
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    importing folders & files to icfb

    Hi guys I did my project in my university's lab. After that I copied my folders & Files & my maked libraries from lab's PCs. In other words, I exported them. Now I wanna import these files to my laptop. But I don't know what I do. Who does know about importing & adding files to icfb (Cadence...
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    How to install or add techfile to linux opensuse and use it on the cadence virtuoso 6

    Hi everybody. I have tsmc90nm_rf techfile & i wana install (add) that folder & use it on the virtuoso 6. But i can't do this. Who can help me about this problem? It's necessary for me. Before everything' I'm thankful for your attention
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    TSMC parameter values (cox, lambda, Ve & ...)

    Hi everybody I'm using TSMC nmos_rf 90nm & i want to find parameter values like un*cox, Ve, lambda & etc . So how or where do i find them in linux & Cadence??? (Which folder or file in that) It,s necessary for me.
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    how to plot gm/id vs id/w in cadence spectre???

    Hi everybody I wanna plot gm/id as vertical axis & id/w as horizontal axis in cadence spectre. if either of axis be in the variable window i can plot gm/id or id/w vs that. but because of gm/id or id/w are not in the variable window, so i can't plot gm/id vs id/w. so who does know about this...

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