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    Panasonic MSD013A1A - PANATERM Motor Driver

    panaterm Anyone experience with Panasonic motor driver that use PANATERM software link with PC? I am new to this and look for a circuit diagram for the comm cable to use with the PANATERM software. If any one of GURU's in this field could share, much much appreciated. Thanks. :roll:
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    The cheapest PLC around (from OLIMEX)

    plc array fab rs232 forum Hi unimx, Cannot find it. Why not give the website?
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    Rq: Toshiba EX100 PLC software

    toshiba ex100 plc Can you use diskimage to capture the master disk?? :D
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    Soldering BGA? Producing a PCB around a Motorola 555

    solder bga? I think you need to look for metal mask stencil maker. Or some one that can cut by laser those opening on a 0.15mm stainless steel metal plate. Once you have this you need to buy a solder paste and appy this on the opening by using metal squeege. This process normally is use in SMT...

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