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    Generate a random number using interrupt

    hi still working on my 8051 project using assembly language, and now I'm in phase 4 --->>>> the last phase ;) in this phase we should generate 2 random numbers as following: 1. one digit (1-9) 2. two digit (10-99) and by using push button we pick randomly the number we have done one digit...
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    help with numbers to letters conversion in assembly 8051

    hi, I'm trying to complete my project in assembly 8051 , and thanks to all of you I completed the 1st phase now I'm stuck in the 2nd phase I should convert a number to its letters --->> for example if I put R3 = #31 it should print thirty one I know I had to make an arrays: 1. single digit...
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    Prime or not prime assemble code 8051

    thanks to all of you :) you all helped me to configure the ideas to do this code :) really appreciate your work
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    Prime or not prime assemble code 8051

    will try your way thanks for trying to help :) appreciate it
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    Prime or not prime assemble code 8051

    hi, I'm working with a multiple phases project in 8051 micro-controller and phase one involved with check if a given number is prime or not the way I've trying to do this code is : 1. assuming 2 numbers one is prime and other is not and save them in R1, and R2 2. create a counter from 99 and...

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