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    conecting 2 computers without wire

    http://www.in(remove)nomedia.com/wireless/products.html http://www.max(remove)stream.net/ http://www.aero(remove)comm.com/index.htm Kal
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    how make liquid silver for pcb plating Simbox, I'm curious if you can use this gold-plating solution to plate either pre-tinned PCB tracks (Tinnit) and/or standard DIP IC leads/resistor leads/etc. It sure would make for some interesting-looking boards/components. 8) Kal
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    EL Panel Dimming - please help

    A few more points to keep in mind when working with EL inverters. Never, ever, apply power to the input without the output being connected to the EL panel. Always remove power from the input side, never from the output side (such as with a switch). Watch the output. Yes, it is very low current...
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    Low cost front panels ??

    **broken link removed** Almost all enclosure manufacturers will help you design/fabricate panels. Whether or not it is cost effective will depend on what type of quantity you need. Setup charges will be the same whether you order 1 or 1000 panels. Depending on your requirements, it might just...
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    [SOLVED] Recommend me a dtmf encoder/decoder IC

    Trishool, This is true. But in defense of the 88** series, they were designed to be used in telco applications, where (I believe) the specs for DTMF call for at least 50ms tones. Good point you brought up though, since the original poster didn't specify his application. Kal
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    [SOLVED] Recommend me a dtmf encoder/decoder IC

    I'll second the recommendation for the 8880/8888. Almost everyone makes these generic chips - Mitel, Harris, Central Micro, Teltone, Claire, etc. Easy to find, easy to work with, and easy on the wallet. :smile: Kal
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    [SOLVED] pic microcontrollers - what is the best language to program?

    The best language is always the native language of the device. But most people don't code in machine language. Next up the line is ASM. Then of course there are all sorts of other high level languages such as C, BASIC, Pascal, Forth, even FORTRAN! I suggest going with what you know. If you...
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    Microcontrollers & EMC test

    I can't give you any suggestions, but here are a few links that I hope might help: https://www.emclab.umr.edu/emclinks.html https://www.ou.edu/engineering/emc/report.html https://www.scvemc.org/scvemc/emcdef.html **broken link removed** https://gallery.uunet.be/rlogghe/emc.htm Kal
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    USB in digital camera - which type of USB chip is used?

    woodooman, I for one would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to upload this. Thanks! Kal
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    Anyone know where to buy IC MAX712/713 via mail order ? It i

    where to buy ic? Tong, Digikey has these parts in stock. Both SMD and DIP version. And they will do international sales. w*w.digikey.com Regards, Kal
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    where to migrate form microchip ?

    But doesn't the MSP430 series top out at only 8mhz? Regards, Kal
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    strengthening the keyboard line

    I don't think you'll need to amplify the signal if you use _good quality_ shielded cable. I've gone up to 50 feet in the past with no problems. Of course your mileage may vary and not all PC's are built the same. Kal
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    PIC in system programming circuit....

    in system programming circuit Msmax, Would love to see that circuit. Would it be possible for you to upload it to filemanager? Thanks! Kal
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    What is a good Pic Basic compiler?

    proton mikrobasic pic basic comparison Have you used PicBasic Pro? The newer the version, the tighter the produced code seems to be. With 2.33 the generated code is often as small (or smaller) than my own ASM code (which I'm still struggling to learn). Which BASIC compilers have you tried? Kal

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