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    how to send data to different numbers selected in a multiselect listbox in vb6

    hiiiiiii i have a multiselectlistbox and i have a datafield of numbers in ms access database.when i select multiple numbers (retreived from the datafield )in the listbox and click the send button the msg written in textbox is sent to only one number(the first one)not to all numbers selected?how...
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    sending sms to mobile with database programming

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i have to send sms to mobile with a database access.i need a vb6 program to send sms to mobile with ms access 2003 database access ,as about 10 phone numbers are stored in a databasetable .is this possible without any downloading of sms gate way???how will i do it?please help...
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    sending textsms through vb6 frontend application

    hiiiii i need a vb6 program to send text messages to cellphone using the form controls(text boxes and buttons).i have used at commands in hyperterminal and sent sms and succeeded in it.but now i want to send sms without using hyperterminal and at commands in my program.i want to send through a...
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    TO send sms to mobile phone using at commands in vb 6

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i need vb6 program to send sms to cell phone.i use nokia supernova 7610 series.using at commands how can i write the program?i wrote the at commands in hyperterminal .but no message is sent and no eroors also.why s this ?<ctrl+z> is not supported by nokia?i need vb6 program...
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    To send at commands to sim 300 modem using vb 6.0

    Iam working in microsoft windows xp os.I use sim 300 atc_v2.0_modem
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    To send at commands to sim 300 modem using vb 6.0

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i want to send receive and read at commands .modem used is sim 300 . Using vb 6.0 i want to do this.can anyone helppp?
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    sim 300 at commands program

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i want a simple program using at commands to be executed in hyperterminal.i m using sim 300_atc_v2.0.kindly describe the program and tell how the output is displayed.....and also the connections.i connected the sim 300 to an ac adaptor.and sim installed in the sim 300.and its...

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