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    Convert 220VAC to 110VDC without transformer

    Hi all, I want to convert from 220VAC/50Hz to 110VDC without transformer. I also don't want to use the voltage divider capacitor, resistor circuitry. parametter as follow: Vin: ~220VAC/50Hz Vout: 110VDC Iout: 12 - 20mA. Non-isolated Pls, suggest the good solution to me, thank in advance,
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    Using ulink as a device programmer?

    Hi all, I saw topic "USING ULINK AS A DEVICE PROGRAMME"_ https://www.keil.com/support/docs/3061.htm. how to do this? I want to use ULINK to program HEX file to LPC2103 but don't want to open all source file by Keil C. Or Can you suggest me other flash tool software using ULINK? Thanks in advance,
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    SIM908 problem GPS antenna.

    Hi all, I am using SIM908 to get GPS. In my design, I connect GPS-VANT-IN(pin76) with VBAT pin(i use the active antenna). Everything run well. But today, I cann't not get GPS. I used mutilmeter to check voltage on GPS-ANT(pin 79), it present 0V(in common, it present approximate VBAT). That mean...
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    Convert 220VAC to 12VDC

    Hi all, I want to design the simple power circuit to convert 220VAC(Vin) to 12VDC with current Consumption max 100mA. pls, suggest me the best solution. Thank,
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    AT45DB161D program /read problem

    hi all, I am using AT45DB161D serial flash. I have some issue when write/read data to it. I wrote the same data to all page of AT45DB161D but I receive difference result. Here is result: string written: "122ysdsgxccbbvxmcbvjkdhjgksdhgjkfdhfksjdhkjhlkasjdlkasjdxcnbzxmcbnmxbcnmbcmxbcxmbmnbx"...
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    PIC16F19387 interrupt on change problem

    Hi all, I'm using PIC16f1938. I have an issue with Interrupt on change. I use RB2 pin to detect the external edge(rising and falling edge). Here is code: ANSB2 = 0; PEIE = 1; TRISB2 = 1; //RB2 is input WPUB2 = 1; //Enabled pull-up IOCIF = 0; //Clear...
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    SIM908 problem SIMCARD

    Hi all, I am using SIM908 modem. I have some issue with SIMCARD. I connect LED to pin NETLIGHT (SIM908) After power on SIM908 modem, I saw this LED blink. SIM908 seem ran. But Voltage on SIM_VDD pin: 0V. BUt as follow SIM908's datasheet, voltage on this pin:1.8V or 3.3V. I can explain that...
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    Need help! LPC2103 Interrupt Error.

    hi all, I am using Lpc2103. I use Timer 0 interrupt and UART1 interrupt. When used UART1 interrupt to receive data from device if T0 interrupt still enabled ==> The receive data often errors. If I disabled T0 interrupt => The receive data is good. Although UART1 interrupt is the...
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    SIM900B: Errors Read SMS

    hi all, I am using SIM900B. I meet some issue when read SMS I read SMS as follow: Step 1: Send AT: "AT+CMGL=\"REC UNREAD\"\r" Step 2: delay 1000ms; Step 3: Read buffer SMS. And here's the result: +CMGL: 1,"REC UNREAD","+841998848534","","12/04/12,14:19:01+28" 111ok OK It's true. But...
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    Need help: Digital Input Circuit

    Hi all, I want to design a Digital input circuit follow as: Active : 3VDC - 45VDC Inactive: <2VDC. About the active, it's too large. I'm confused that. Pls, help me! thank for advance
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    SMS and Dialing problem.

    Hi all, I am using SIM900B. I have some question. pls, help me? 1/ Can send SMS when dialing? If yes, What AT command support that? 2/ How to check status(CONNECT, BUSY, DISCONNECT, NO CARRIER...) of SIM900B modem when dialing? Thank you,
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    RS232/USB to RS485 converter

    Hi all. I have two design: 1/ RS232 to Rs485 converter I use Txd, Rxd from PC ==> max232 => opto => max3089. I use RTS(from PC) to control DE and /RE pin max3089 2/ USB to Rs485 convert. I use USB=>> FT232RL => opto => max3089. I use CBUS2(pin 13 of FT232RL) to control DE and /RE pin max3089...
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    SIM900B not sent to SMS!

    Hi all, I am using SIM900B V1.02. I try to send sms but can not. I use AT+CSQ to check the signal, it respond: +CSQ 0,0. when I using the multimeter to check the resistance between signal pad and gnd pad => result: 0Ohm. I don't understand that. please, help me. Thank,
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    Temperature of MIC29300 is very high.

    Hi all, I am using MIC29300-5.0BU in my design. But I have a issue with temperature of MIC29300. When I supply 12VDC to Vin and the load is very low (100mA). MIC29300 is very hot although I used PCB heat sink for TAB (package TO263) with size: 12x12mm. But when I used Vin 6VDC. I haven't meet...
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    Copy Routing in Altium Designer

    Hi all, I am using Altium Designer 9.4. I have 2 project, they are the same to 80%. I want to copy routing and placement from first project to second project. Could you help me, pls? Thank,

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