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    Why we need quadrature coupler and quadrature modulator for designing upconverter?

    Hi, can anyone explain to me why is it in order to design a upconverter, we need to come up with a quadrature coupler and quadrature modulator ? And where does the mixer comes into place ? Thanks for the clarification !
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    HPA at the output of a mixer ?

    Hi, i'm trying to design an rf upconverter n i realise that the we need a HPA at the output of a mixer ? can anyone explain y a HPA is needed and how to go bout designing a HPA ? Thanks in advance !
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    can anyone help me please ??

    Hi, I'm trying to design a microstrip as seen in the attachment file of Figure 2(a) using Microwave Office but i'm not sure how to go about designing it .. I've tried using coupled-lines microstrip for the schmatic diagram but the layout does not turn out like the one shown as attached.. Can...

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