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    Need solutions for data transfer problem in USB

    U$B Problem? for some reason I need to add a circuit that can transfer UTM1 8bits@60MHz signal to 16 bits@30MHz.but I dont know how to do this? here is my question , hope some u$b master guy can help me! Q1 : From UTM1 Can I just use 60MHz clk sample txval,txvalh and rxval, rxact...
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    SPI communication between a TMS320DM6437 and an ARM9

    Re: SPI communication Hi : try to visit www.m@cronix.com (@->a) and request SPI ROM sample I think they would like to help you (say you are a student)!
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    [HELP] Full digital DLL or DDR needed

    [HELP] Full digital DLL I need a full digital DLL for DDR Is there any experience designer can give some comments or reference papers ! Tks a lot in advance!
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    CUP - circuit under pad

    in during floorplanning? you can take CUP as a normal IO PAD ! ( read the .lef for placement)
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    What are the different ways of creating delays in a design?

    Delay in a design using delay cell that provide by foundary dont use inv for delay bacause you cannot control the delay time
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    interface between fpga kit and sensor with i2c

    using hdl write a i2c controller you can find i2c spec in g00gle then assign pin ( clk , sdata) , the connect to sensor
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    $fsdbDumpfile problem

    $fsdbdumpfile Procedure for dump fsdb use ModelSim(winnt , verilog) 1.install Modelsim 2.install Debussy 3. //add fsdb PLI in your testbench initial begin $fsdbDumpfile("pattern.fsdb"; $fsdbDumpvar(0,pattern); end 4. copy debussy/share/pli/modelsim/novas.dll copy...
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    FSM gate_level simulation problem

    use waveform view tools (verdi...) debug first find the problem is better then guess !
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    encyclopedia of electronic circuits

    insectronics download not best but worth to read (my opinion) Hans
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    What is the most important to study analog IC desigh?

    Gray and Mayer is also a good textbook (though it's focus on BJT) and you can find it in ED@boa... for "play" issue try download some example **broken link removed** mixer for simulation and play!
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    What is a function of PLL and DLL in FPGA ??

    difference between pll and dll + fpga Depend on your system need a clear clock source or not if you working on High-Frequency(> 68 or 100M) and it's a sync-system( ex: Sonet....) you need a PLL (select Altera 20Kxxx or above) if not ( some system use RC is enough), you dont need a PLL.
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    Can we synthesize ADC and RAM in DC?

    as you say it's hard macro DC is a compiler to compile your RTL to netlist In my opinion yout must set dont touch for these hard-macro when use DC synthesis!!
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    how can i build a platform to practising verilog or vhdl

    for new guy just want to do practice I suggest 1.use $ynplify to view thw synthesis result(PC base). 2.use Model$im to simulation (PC base). 3.read sold (Verilog/Vhdl) part.
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    synthesis for a design - what info do I need?

    to start synthesis try use DV(design vision), 1.set library path( wireload, ...) 2.open design_vision 3.read file 4. select clock (for constrain) 5. constrain 6. compile the detail you can read SOLD! (design_vision tutorial)
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    Problem with SRAM: big capacitor effect appears

    BIG PROBLEM in SRAM? tks to nitu 1. Is the memory selftimed.... ==> no 2. While writing in 5 only 4 changes or 3,2,1 also changes... ==> yes , but not write 1 ,then 1,2,3,4, all become '1' 3. Writing of 1 is problem or 0 is also the problem... say 1 creates problem at 4 so do the 0 also...
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    Problem with SRAM: big capacitor effect appears

    Big problem in SRAM? In write SRAM condition find all the Column(the same word line)bit seem to be influenced. (EX: word line =2, write bit line 5 =1, (2,5)=1, then if (1,4)=1,(2,4)=0 , when write (2,5)=1you will find (2,4)=1) and (2,5)=1. if write (2,5)=0 , still find (2,4)=1) and (2,5)=1...
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    What's different between Nor and NAND flash?

    Q1.What different between Nor and NAND flash(architecture , advantage....)? Q2.When 1nte1 support NOR, BUT SUNSONG SUPPORT NAND? Q3.Any EBOOK / Paper/ Document mention about this issue? tks in advantage!
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    Where can I find documents/standards of JBIG?

    JBIG Question? Does anyone know where can find document/standard about JBIG ? Is there any source code or reference material(like JPEG) can reference ?
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    Important question on verification

    many different with FPGA , you need DC, PT,and write a lot of testbench ,model, call library, co-work with analog/layout team, power issue, clock tree ........ (I suggest you should read synopsys SOLD (DC/PT part), better do some tutorial for beginning) but it's more interesting when tapeout...

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