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    Help me make a substitute for CLC414

    CLC4141 replacement Hello, I have task to make substitute for CLC414 with the similar IC. My first attempt with OPA4684 are catastrofic I obtain only oscillation 1. Is any IC direct replacement 2. How to stop oscilation I have 6 IC in raw. Thank you very much in advance XTASA
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    Nonlinear model for dual gate MOSFET BF996.. or similar

    dual gate mosfet spice Hello RF population, Where I can find nonlinear model for commercial dual gate MOS FET types like BF996,BF998....or similar. Thank you very much for help in advance ! XTASA
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    non ideal coax cable balun design

    coax cable balun Hi ,everobody I have a task to design UHF high power amp. I am using real coax cable as transformer from unbalance line to balance line. Models in ADS and AWR gave me not so good agreement with reality. How to make model of real coax line that will give good agreement with...
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    GSM Pico repeater design HELP!

    pico repeater design HI All, Please send me INFO(architecture,spec..) or links for GSM Pico repeaters design. Output powers up to 1-200mW .In advance thank you very much XTASA

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