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    what do I need to transmit through SATTELITE

    Hi all If I want to transmit through satellite like "eutelsat" What kind of equipment do I need? And how much will it cost Also can a novice do it OR must it be a professional to make work
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    How to setup a FM broadcasting station?

    Hi all I have this FM radio transmitter and exciter I want to buy, but I'm a novice at these things so could you help me please??? www.qei-broadcast.com/products/broadcast/transmitters/1000e.php That's the product. Now the questions: Is this all what I need to broadcast on the FM frequency...
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    Where to buy a UHF transmitter?

    Hi. I looked every where in the internet but I couldn't find a UHF transmitter. If it had a range of 500Km it would be great.
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    QUESTIONS: Is the RF transmitters traceable

    HI I have some Qs about the RF transmitters: Are they traceable? I mean can someone follow a certain frequency and know where it's broadcasted from? And If that can be done, is it possiple to make filters or encoders to prevent the trace of the broadcast? THNX

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