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    PIC18F4550 CDC communication with C18

    Hi, I'm trying to make a code for Pic serial communication with Labview by serial RS-232. I'm using bootloader together, this is the code: When I plug it in my computer (Windows 7 64bits), it appears a serial port (com4), but when I didn't receive any data by serial. I'm trying to send 'USP'...
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    Generating two different PWMs from PIC18F2550

    Hi, I'm used to make codes for just one PWM, but now I need to control a step motor and a dc motor. My problem is I have to generate 2 very different frequencies. I'm using C18, and what I saw in datasheet is that I just can change the value in function OpenPWMx(XX), because TMR2 Prescale Value...
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    How to write a program in Labview that sends and receives a vector through USB?

    I need to do a program in Labview that send and receive a vector through USB. I'm trying to use Visa drive that has three functions for USB "Control in", "Control out", and another for interruption. Do anyone knows how to do it?
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    How does a Visa USB driver for Labview work?

    I found this drive for Labview called Visa, but I don't understand how it works. I want to communicate with the pic18f2550, is that possible using this driver? there is a easier way to do it? Thank you.
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    Looking for a Proteus library that has IR receptor

    Hi, I'm looking for some proteus lib that have a IR frequency receptor like TV control (it would be better a receptor like a TSOP ),someone knows something that might help me? thank you.
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    Labview and Pic 18f2550

    Hi, Is there someone that know something about Labview communication with pic through USB port, I just need that Labview to interpret a signal send from pic. Anything coul help me! Thanks.
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    Help with Pic 18F2550

    Hi, I'm trying for a long time to find a simple code example for using the USB output of the pic, in my project I just need to send a signal from pic to USB port of a computer. I'll use Labview to interpret this signal. My problem is that so far I don't find any tutorial that could help me...

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