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    Specctra not shutting down

    I made some tests with specttra but it does not shutdown automatically. I allways have to make ctrl+alt+del to access windows task manager to kill the process manually. I've tried many possibilities in the specttra and pcad router menus about quiting after the job is done, but notthing till...
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    Coax cable manufacturers or distributers

    Hi, I'm looking for a coax cable manufacturer or distributer in Europe, for the following cables: RG-174, RG-316, RG-142, RG-223 and crimp plugs and jack for those cables. Anyone can help me? Best regards, RSM
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    Rubber antennas for 433MHz aplications

    I need cheap rubber antennas for 433MHz aplications with SMA Male plug. Any ideias?!
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    Problems getting PIC 18F252 to work!

    Hi! I've been trying to put a 18F252 to work without success. Using a crystal of 4MHz the PIC oscillator (OSC2) only starts if I use oscillator mode HS. Is doesn't start with XT mode. Even using HS mode the PIC only works if I touch with my fingers in the Positive connection (Vdd) near Vdd...
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    Microchip ICE 2000 alternative

    Anyone knows of any alternative to the ICE2000 development tool? It's very expensive and most 99% of developers cannot afford it. Thanks, Rodrigo
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    Protel DXP place pin increment

    dxp autonumeric Hi, Anyone can tell me how to reset the place pin auto increment counter in the schematic editor? RSM

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