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    36v to 400 push pull boost converter

    @eem2am that is something i havent thought of until u mentioned it. i ll have to modify the ckt and get back on that. @fvm yes it is. i did modify the ckt post posting it online i did not however upload the updated ckt pics online
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    Feedback for high voltage

    @above thank you all. it has been quite a help. thank you very very much.
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    36v to 400 push pull boost converter

    hello all.. before i went ahead with building the boost converter i just wanted to confirm that i am on the right path and that my calculations are correct so far. Heres the idea i wanted to build a 36v to 400 v boost converter capable of delivering 100w the supply voltage is 36 v here is the...
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    Feedback for high voltage

    thank you... optos current consumption is not an issue. just an isolated high voltage feedback is... thank you very much
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    Feedback for high voltage

    Hello all I need an idea of how to sense a high voltage on the output and close a feedback loop Specs: I am trying to build a 3525 based isolated boost converter which boosts 36v to 380v DC but i am lost as to how to sense the output voltage to close the feedback loop The feedback has to be...
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    help with my UPS problem

    hi i am a EEE student working on a similar UPS project. except i am working on a PIC16F series than dsPIC can we swap info on the schematic and code ?? it will be helpful for both.. thank you.. Added after 10 minutes: 1. the switching activity of the power devices generates spikes. 2...

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