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    interface an LDR with atmega16

    Hello, i want to interface an LDR with atmega16,..I need to control n measure the light intensity and obtaining the logic 0 or 1 at any pin of port A when ever the light intensity falls below certain level..help me with the circuit n programming ... Thanks..
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    How to interface an LM35 with Atmega16 for detection purpose......

    Hey,... I want to use LM35 for sensing the room temperature with the atmega16, i need to adjust the temperature ie if room temp falls below 20c then i need logic1 or 0 on the ADC0 port or at any port.. pls help me with the circuit n programming ... thanks
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    Interfacing ADC 0809 With 8051

    Hello , I am using an ADC809 & i am using 1 analog o/p of 3 sensors each now how to interface it with 8051, I am using only 3 i/p pins of ADC .I am connecting LDR, LM35 to it .pls help me..
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    interfacing of PIR sensor.

    I have an PIR sensor module BS1600 and i want to interface it with the microcontroller , but i dont know that the output of it is in TTL form or not as i want to give it to controller so that it can operate the relays connected to it.

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