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    Skin Effect, anyone can help?

    re Looks like your question is more from pulsed power domain. you are trying to build some kind of 50 ohm pulse forming network. I'm not even sure the work skin effect has the meaning for your case. Try to look in the book like basics of UWB radar technology, or some other pulsed power book...
  2. J

    Problem with dual-band Sierpinski antenna

    antenna sierpinski well, like I said, we did experiments in anechoic chamber far field and near field with originial scheme of power measurement, that is much more valuable than all kins of MW simulations. The concept is not questionable it is working, indeed not in the cell phones or like...
  3. J

    Problem with dual-band Sierpinski antenna

    fractal antenna thesis we made measurements with these kind of antennas, and they showed that MWO does not perform well with this kind of geometries
  4. J

    How to Build a 1 GHz Scope Probe for Next to Nothing

    build oscilloscope probes Well, it may be a good idea with a coax and stuff. However, a probe that simple going to 2 GHz that's really suspicious. And by the way, if you are doing measurements with this kind of bandwidth, then you must be doing something serious and paid, why save on the...
  5. J

    Need help with structure in CST Microwave studio

    re Not sure if this helps :) Our company made extensive attempts to simulate all the fractal patterns related antennas Koch, Serpinsky etc. Using many of the tools, like CST, Microwave Office, Zeland etc etc. However the experimental measurement results proved that apparently all these...
  6. J

    Tektronix TDS520D help me Get free Philips/Fluke Scope Meter

    re Not sure if this helps. We bought one for TDS3052 and it is hardware plugin. That is all I can say since other person handled that
  7. J

    Ultra wide band technologu

    go to www.uwb.org, all this issues have been already discussed
  8. J

    FDTD code to solve non-linear differential equations

    re The things You want are unavailable, the processes going on in ferrites at microwave frequencies are too complicated to be simulated by FDTD or any other commercial code, the best choice might be CST MAFIA, but not sure that even that will help You
  9. J

    RF signal strength measurement

    Get calibrated receiver antenna (with known gain) and calibrated power meter with appropriate diode head, otherwise all your attempts will be amateurish and futile. Since you do not mention signal frequency that is all the help you can get. rgz

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