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    Selecting right resistor value for parallel diode operation

    1. I have a application in which I have to pass 10A current through diodes, diode here is for reverse current protection. Since total current is 10A, I have connected 4 diodes in parallel PDS1040. 2. Cannot use mosfet here since I have already had PCB made. So have to go with parallel diodes...
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    [moved] Comments/suggestions on capacitive supply ckt required

    Comments/suggestions on ckt. Ckt is attached. 1. First section is Main with switch & MOV with EMI filter cap. It has MOV installed with fuse on line. Then switch is connected after which a EMI filter is used. Instead of one 1M resistor, I have now used two 500K resistor. 2. Second is zero...
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    [General] SIM900A email send using AT commands

    Hi, I want to send email using SIM900A by AT commands. Any example on that. Thanks VT
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    Print continuous line graphs Matplotlib;python

    1. Need to print continuous 4 line graphs in subplot. 2. My current code works for scatter plot. It prints scateer values correctly. But I want to replace it with lines 3. This is continuous graph. I read values from sensor every 10 sec, print them on graph for 15 minutes. then delete the...
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    SIM900A, server listening problem

    I am using SIm900A module to get data by maing it as s server. Below is code. baud is 9600. -> Input to SIM900 <- output from SIM900 2. I have SIM900A connected to PC via RS232 cable. Using realterm to send commands. Also for client my using Herculus TCp software, in which i select TCP client...

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