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    Which RF simulator is Better ! ! !

    If I have to choose one of them ( CST MWS vs XFDTD) which do you prefere for a beginner and also, it can simulate a variety of antenna ( thin wire through complex sturctures). I will do design antenna. If you can choose, then list things which a software should for antenna design. Thanks, Mica
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    Which RF simulator is Better ! ! !

    CST MWS does this software have a frequency dependant material feature? Thanks, Mica
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    Which RF simulator is Better ! ! !

    Hi, In my case, I need to simulate antennas. I will try the free demo version of SuperNec from Poynting. I wonder if it exist any softwares then that. I need some suggestions beause I'm a beginner too. Once I'm familiare with the antenna part, I need to simulate the whole system. I mean the...

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