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    advantages / disadvantages of internal resonance of a cavity?

    Hello! I would like to understand the internal resonance, what are the advantages / disadvantages ?! thank you!
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    Error using CST: Mesh is empty

    Hello! I would like to ask you about this error:Mesh is empty using CST. Any suggestions about which could cause such error ?! Note: I am simulating a structure which has mm as a unit and GHz FOR THE FREQUENCY unit. Thank you !!
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    electrical and magnetic coupling

    Greeting! I want to know how to distinguish between the cases when there is an electrical coupling an those we have a magnetic coupling. an example is shown in the picture attached where both occur but I couldn't say/explain where or why the couplings occur. Hope I made myself clear...
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    swaped E and H plane under CST

    Hallo, I have a loop monopole antenna while visualizing the E and H patterns I get them swaped (E must be H and vice versa). Any ideas about what could cause such thing! Note: I took E plane (phi=0º) and H plane (phi=90º) Regards!
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    Method of analyze SIW antenna

    dear all, I want to know which method is more adequate to analyse the characteristics of a SIW antenna and what are its advantages compared with the rest of the methods? many thanks!
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    cable termination for planar antenna, How to??!

    Hello! how a cable termination is employed with a planar antenna to perform the measurements ??! is there any specific characteristics of the cable in respect with the frequency band of the antenna? the dimensions of the cable/inner conductor? I highly appreciate any information about this...
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    Farfield representation under CST

    Dear all, I have notice that when I represent the radiation pattern sometimes I get a green curve which is not mentioned in the legend of the plot. Can anyone tell me what does it really stand for? I have attached an example which clarifies more the question thanks!
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    Troubles in representing eigenvalues of a dipole antenna

    Dear all, I am having troubles in representing the eigenvalues of a dipole antenna using characteristic modes theory, the modes merge while they should not because it is a very simple antenna, any hints to solve the problem??! Please find attached the figure of what I obtain and how results...
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    [SOLVED] Troubles in designing SIW to microstrip transition

    Hello! I would like to know whether the vias in the SIW are as an empty cylinder with only metallic walls connecting the top and bottom layers or they are totally filled with metall? if the vias are not filled with metal are they filled with the same substrate dielectric ?or not? I hope you...
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    [Moved]: Manufacturer of a microstrip feed for the Ka-band

    Dear all, I would like to feed my antenna to perform in the Ka-band (≈ from 27GHz to 40 GHz), but the problem is that I couldn't find any port adequate for the microstrip feeding which I am using in the simulation. Could any one help me to find a manufacturer for this kind of port performing in...
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    [SOLVED] An inverted curve of eigenvalues using MATLAB, physical explanation!!

    Hi, my question concerns the representation of eigenvalues in Matlab using 'eig' function, when I execute the script I get an inverted curve with respect of what people have already found. So I would like to have a physical explanation if it is possible. counting on you! Best regards!
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    ADS and CST same operating bands with different values of S11

    Dear all, I would like to know when we can say that we have good agreement with obtained results of an antenna an its proposed equivalent circuit one is simulated using CST and the other one using ADS, Knowing that I get the same operating bands but the difference between the two curves of the...
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    Question about Soldering SMA connector

    Dear all, I want to solder my SMA connector to my patch antenna but the distance between the two legs is smaller than the feedline width which make it impossible to do the soldering without touching them. Please find attached some photographs of the port so you may see the issue. Hope you could...
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    ADS lumped elements for higher frequencies/modes

    Dear all, I would like to simulate an antenna using ADS and lumped elements. The problem is I get only two resonance frequencies despite that the antenna simulated with CST has four resonances. I doubt that it is because of the equations I am using to get the lumped components values they are...
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    SMK port for a printed antenna

    Dear all, I need to know which type of smk connector i need for my printed antenna(performing in ~40 GHz) because there is plenty of them and it is my first time doing this. suggestions will be very welcomed :grin: Thank you in advance
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    [SOLVED] Equivalent circuit of a printed loop antenna

    Hello everyone ! I would like to model my patch antenna under its equivalent circuit form, but I don't know how to combine the already existing model of a loop antenna with my model which include a partial ground plane and a microstrip feed line. I will be grateful if you could help me or give...
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    [SOLVED] Multi Radiation Pattern in the same graph

    Hello every one , it has been a while that i am looking for a way to plot several radiation pattern at the same graph or at less to plot the two fields E and H of an antenna in the same graph, so if any one knows how to do this please help :cry: ! thanks in advance :-P

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