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    Choosing a transformer for energy harvesting

    Hi all, I am trying to build the energy harvesting circuit from the following pdf : https://web.eecs.umich.edu/~prabal/pubs/papers/kuo10hijack.pdf It is a energy harvesting circuit for extracting power from the audio jack of a phone The trouble is that i cant find the part they are using on...
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    Low cost RF solution for midrange communication

    Hi all, I am new to working with RF communication, i am looking for a low cost RF solution that has a range of about 200 meters. Preferably a multipoint network.I am not looking for something with high data rates. I have looked at the ZigBee modules 900Mhz series, but they are a bit on the...
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    PCB Design good practices

    Hi all, I am designing a circuit board for a batch of 10000 boards, I have a few questions about good practices in PCB design, mostly pertaining to reliability and manufacturability. It would be really helpful if you could give me advice or direct me to any resources . The first 3 are related...
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    [SOLVED] MSP430 Programming - Connections

    Hi All, Sorry for a noobish question i am working with the TI Launchpad board . I have made a separate target board with another microcontroller and am using the Launchpad board to programme the target board. I was initially connecting the VCC, GND, RX, TX , TEST and RESET lines from the...
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    Boost converter options for Li-Po to 9V ?

    I am trying to build a headphone amp based on the LM386, nothing fancy, the thing is that i want it to run off a single cell li-po battery. Can anyone suggest a common, cheap boost converter ic that can do so? I am looking through Digikey for the parts, but i just wanted to know whether there...
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    Suggestions for common FET's

    Hi all, Could someone please suggest a few commonly available and general purpose FET's . I would be using them primarily for switching small currents (<100mA) and also for making switched capacitor circuits. Thanks in advance!!
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    Bandpass audio amplifier design issues

    Hi all, I am building a project in which i need to take in an audio signal and then amplify the various frequency components to different amplitudes. My current approach is to use active band pass filters (7 bands in octaves from 250- 8000hz) to segregate the different frequencies and then...

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