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    Chameleon DRC Problem

    1) Use the lmstat tool to check the license server status. 2) Are you running the license server on your machine? If yes, see the log file.
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    can some one explain how to use TL494 ??

    Have you seen this app note: **broken link removed** It could help you.
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    [SOLVED] Parallel Port Controlling Through Matlab

    Try with the Data Acquisition Toolbox, look this tutorial: https://www.chem.duke.edu/~boris/matlab/Lesson_5.pdf
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    white LED model testing for forward voltage and current

    You need to study the diode model, this page could help you: SPICE models : DIODES AND RECTIFIERS Plotting the curve If vs Vf you can understand the behavior of the component.
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    Failure to get license

    The license file path is an option of the lmgr daemon "-l log_file". If you dont use it, the log messages will be printed on stdout. To test the access to the license, use: lm5tat -a -c port@server_lic
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    LT1996 pspice model needed

    At line: X_U1 LT1996 the subcircuit is not connected to any signal. The correct format is: XCircuitName <node 1> <node 2> ... <definition name> Did you create the symbol? It seems the definition of pins is wrong. And verify that your tool is including the subcircuit model. A final...
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    Linux EDA tools for ASIC Design

    Hi again, I visited the Alliance Home page and it seems that the new documentation is self contained with the distribution ( /usr/share/doc/alliance-5.0/). Alliance package contains some examples, look the "examples" dir, the Makefiles uses the new tools OCP and OCR which replaced the SCR...
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    Linux EDA tools for ASIC Design

    It's common that commercial tools (m3ntor, c@dence) runs on Linux, you' ll find a lot of post about use and installation of the tools. For academic projects, Alliance is good, but if you try to use with a commercial technology, its difficult to have a design kit. Maybe you'll have to create...
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    [SOLVED] [Verilog] Output problem

    I think that people will need to see your code to help you.
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    12hours CLOCK program...

    LED_MAP[] is an array of constants defined at the beginning of the code. The operator % is the modulo operator, so j%10 = mod(j,10) which can be seen as j%10= j-10*floor(j/10). i.e j=23, j%10=2 The values stored at LED_MAP are the 7-segment display activation values to show 0-9 digits. To...
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    installation of Cadence IC601

    I'm not familiar with the version 6xx, I use 5xx, but I think that the installation process should not changed too much. That missing file is the application used to install the packages, you need to download it separately, and run it first, then you can select the packages to install. Java...
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    Problems getting Cadence IC 5.1 to work in ubuntu 10.4 64-b

    Try to see the contents of the /opt/eda/cadence/IC5141_6_141/tools/dfII/bin/icfb at line 17, and the first line of the /opt/eda/cadence/IC5141_6_141/tools/bin/cds_root, It should be a script and the path to the shell or interpreter could be wrong.
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    printing subcircuit currents in HSpice

    You should use .PROBE command to save output variables into the interface and graph data files.
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    Synopsys VCSi problems in ubuntu 10.4 64-bit

    Hi, I don't have experience with VCS installation, but are you sure that the version that you are using is 64 bits compatible? Try to install ia32-libs. Maybe it helps.
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    Matlab 7.0, matlab r2008a both unsupported issue

    Re: Urgent help required Look at this post **broken link removed** at Xilinx's forum.
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    Cadence question about VPWLF

    Try to use the full path to the file, or copy it inside the same directory of your netlist.
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    Need help with AM modulation in MATLAB

    Hi, The reserved word "for" must be used different, you can find a simple example at: **broken link removed** I create a example using a variable j as counter and t as time variable [0,2], with 0.1 step, I hope that this help you: t= linspace(0,2,21); bw=zeros(size(t)); for j=1:11...
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    installation of Cadence IC601

    Could you describe better your problem? Any message? error log?
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    hyperterminal to send data to microcontroller

    In hyperterminal, You need to create a new connection. look this page: **broken link removed** If you have problems with HyperTerminal, there are other alternatives: https://realterm.sourceforge.net/ Opensource Terminal https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html Putty...
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    spice netlist from verilog code

    Hi, Why do you want to create a spice netlist? To simulate the digital circuit using spice, you need the transistor level of each digital cell, and if the circuit is not simple, that simulation could take a long time. Is it what you want to do?

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