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    Trace width calculation for metal clad PCBs

    Is there a standard/calculator available to calculate trace width for designing metal clad PCBs? Many calculators available online can only calculate trace width for FR4 PCBs based on the IPC standard. I understand that due to better thermal performance of metal clad PCB, the temperature rise of...
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    RMS current through a switched inductor

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the RMS current through a MOSFET for the sake of calculating its power dissipation. The MOSFET is acting as a low side driver with an inductive load. Now most of the app notes and articles out there model the inductor current as ramp for calculations. This is ok for...
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    PCB Core Laminate Thickness

    Hi, I am designing a PCB for which I have to mention the stack up and do some impedance calculations. I have a basic question. When I say that I have a core with a thickness of 200 um, does this 200 um include the thickness of copper as well? I mean if i am using 35 um copper, is the cross...
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    Why Plated PCB Mounting Holes?

    Hi, I am designing a PCB which will be housed in a metal enclosure. Is it advisable to have plated PCB mounting holes and connect them to ground plane? I have seen some PCBs where the plated mounting hole is connected to the ground plane through an RC network. What's the reason behind this...
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    MCU pin driving 74HC fanout

    Hi, I am using my MCU to drive select lines of ten 74HC series multiplexers connected in parallel. Each select line presents a maximum capacitance of 10pF as per the datasheet. Which means the MCU pin has to switch a maximum of 100pF. The select lines switch approximately every 250us. In this...
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    Circuit Copyright: How does it work?

    Hi, If I am designing a new product and want to copyright the circuit, what is the scope of that copyright? Does it include the 'design' part of the circuit or is it just the 'schematic' or 'drawing'? If the copyright holds only for drawing, what are the ways in which I can protect my 'design'?
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    Calculating Back EMF of a Solenoid Coil

    Hi, I have an inductive load (say, a relay or solenoid coil) and I know the R & L values of the coil and of course the source voltage with which I am driving the coil. I am driving it with a high side switch. The problem is that I do not have the actual load with me to measure any values. How...
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    Query about annular rings

    Hi, IPC-2221 standard talks about annular rings for plated through holes. It mentions three types, viz. 1) External Supported 2) External Unsupported 3) Internal Supported I understand that Internal/External means it is on internal/external layer. But what is the difference between supported...
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    How to determine stepper motor running current

    Hello, I am working on a stepper motor project where I know the required torque and the speed at which I am supposed to run the motor. The motor runs with 1.8 degrees full step. Here is the torque curve of the motor My torque requirement is 0.8 Nm @ 1/4 step with 1000 steps/s. From the...
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    [SOLVED] DC-DC Converter powering MCU

    Hello All, I am designing a system using a 32-bit MCU operating at 5V. As the peripheral devices operating at 5V are large in number, I am planning to use a 5V, 2A DC-DC converter. The input voltage will be 16 - 36V. I have doubts about powering the MCU from the DC-DC converter, viz. 1. Will...

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